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M.T's shots of Late July 2010


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I have some photos from recently as the month of July is closing, here are five of the shots.


R-68A on (N)


R-160B on (Q)


This R-143 train did not see service on the (J).



R-160A and R-42 on (J)




The rest of the album is here.

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Not bad, some pics seem a bit blurry [need to keep your hands a bit steady]. Last shot, I would move a bit closer to the platform edge [not on it, but closer to it] so that nothing gets in the way of the shot.


Oh thanks a lot for your help. I wanted to try to take as much of the train as I could so I stood farther.

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Well done! :tup: Prepare yourself with a lot of foaming ;)


The foamers weren't bad at all, thank goodness, everyone was in their best behavior today.

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