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Spent The Day Downtown & Then Marlboro Day

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Went downtown brooklyn this morning to the old train ride down in the tunnel but i got there late then i went through manhattan and then i went back to brooklyn to marlboro housing near l&bs pizza , then i walked to ulmer from marlboro and i saw 3 kids getting off of the b6 bus but they had cameras and i thought they were some kids from nyctf.com ........ anyways enjoy the photos , and i spotted 8985 on the b3 and i got a picture of it .



99189c16.jpg . 7e5e5449.jpg . c7779f80.jpg . dedb5dfd.jpg . 53d67f79.jpg . 806c7a3a.jpg . 84706b7e.jpg . 59ab7dd9.jpg . 02af5f0f.jpg . 8931


b0782765.jpg . 6f620c7f.jpg . 8985 b3


dce49955.jpg . ef5c2ed2.jpg . e5334301.jpg . 11d3726d.jpg . 0fdb005b.jpg . 57c15b1f.jpg . 445e3f6a.jpg .


Sorry 9102 is like this , i moved a little bit .


6563cff8.jpg . 9527b9d2.jpg . 48602e12.jpg . b6c1e518.jpg . b260eba6.jpg . bf962bf1.jpg .



Thats all for today

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