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£30 Billion ($39.54B)HSR Plans for UK Unveiled

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The british rail network is the worst in Europe, but now there are plans for HSR beside the Eurostar.


Last year, Gordon Brown had unveiled the new Southeastern High-Speed Line at Pancras.



And now plans for a new high-speed rail network, featuring 250mph trains, have been announced by Transport Secretary Lord Adonis.

The government is recommending a route for a new line between London and Birmingham with a future extension to northern England and Scotland.

The public will be consulted on the proposed route, with work unlikely to start until 2017 at the earliest.



London to Birmingham in 45 minutes

London to Manchester in 1 hour 30 minutes

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As someone who uses mainline trains in the UK everyday to get to work, I don't think I agree with the premise that the rail network in the UK is the worst in Europe, although I would concede it is the most expensive!


I also think this article may be a bit out of date as the transport secretary quoted in the original post was kicked out in the General Election earlier this year.


The new coalition Government is reviewing all spending including the pending re-franchises on the main London to Scotland and Essex commuter lines.


It will be interested to see if this line does get built, if so, I would say 2047 is a more accurate start date!

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