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What does your Local Garage have?


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so what kind of buses does your local garage have and what kind of run's do they do


mine is Merivale Garage ( or Collonade ) and consists of D60LF's, D40i's and Orion 5's


My Garage operates only during Weekdays and IIRC is the main provider of articulated buses.


Our Orion 5's are used for peak periods but sometimes are out all day

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The closest depot I live by is East New York, which has RTS' and Orion 7 HEVs. The closest bus that runs by me based out of ENY is the B25, but the B26 also runs close to me as well as the B46; Fresh Pond (B26) has RTS' and Orion 7 HEVs as well. Flatbush (B46) has RTS' and Orion 7 NGs.


HOWEVER, the best depot of all, Yukon in Statem Island, my school depot, has kickass Orion 5s (and not-so-kickass NGs). Every time I get an O5 on the S79, my day is complete :cool:

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Mine is Fresh Pond (go figure lol) and its mostly RTS oriented with 3 (formerly 9) RTS's with the Cimmins M11E engines. There's also about 57 Orion 7 OGs there.

But whenever I stay in Bushwick (almost every weekend), my closest one is ENY and they have a mix of RTS & Orion 7 OGs

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Rockville Centre (which has the worst new decal, I liked the old one better) has 7 of the 22 1997 Orion V CNGs with the Cummins L10G engines, 30 of the Orion VII NG CNGs, 14 of the 17 1998 Orion Vs (still Cummins powered), 20 Orion V CNGs from 2000-02, 32 '03 Orion V CNGs, of which the only active John Deere powered Orion V CNG belongs to.

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Ex Local Depot

Baisley Park

Had RTS's

Now only EX OrionV Bee buses and Orion 7 OG's

And MCI D4500


Current Local Depot

Fresh Pond

Lots of RTS's

A few Orion7OG's

Rare Cummins M11E RTS

#9140,43,48 :tup:

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Kingsbridge depot has Orion Vs, Orion VII NGs and New Flyer D60HFs. The D60HFs are in the best conditon and are on the longest and potentially dangerous route in the depot, the (Bx9).

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I have two depots anywhere near me. Operated by two different companies.

Grenda's and Cranbourne transit. Both do the same job really. Route work for the government and their own charter work. Grenda's is also contracted out to do rail replacement buses for the Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston/Sandringham lines. They also deal with a few SmartBus routes. Routes 900, 901, 902. The 900 goes from Caulfield to Roville. The 901 goes from Frankston to Ringwood(Soon to be Melbourne Airport via the Northern Suburbs) The 902 goes from Chelsea to Airport West via the Northern Suburbs.


In Cranbourne Transit's depot lives 49 buses:

Made up of Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz, Nissan chassis.

Mainly with Volgren High floor, Volgren SC221(Coach) Volgren CR221L(Low Floor) and Volgren CR228L(Low Floor) bodies. With a couple of Ansair and Austral Bodied vehicles(both coach type bodies).


Grenda's has 213 of the 633 buses it owns in it's Dandy depot(The rest are over thier Cardina, Portsea, Peninsula, Moorabbin and Invicta depots)

Made up of Volvo, Scania, Hino, Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Mercedes Benz,MAN, Iveco and Iveco Metro Hybrid chassis.

With Volgren High Floor, CR228L, CR221L, SC221(Coach), SC222X(Coach), C222TX(Coach), CR224L, Toyota, Nissan and Fuji bodies.

(Naturally Grenda's have a good load of Volgren bodied buses because they own Volgren. Plus thier Dandy factory is 2 minutes down the road....)

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Well...nothing, I guess Gilligs & school buses...idk though. I never see any buses.





Jamaica Depot: RTSs & Orion VII NG's


Baisley Park Depot: Orion V's, Orion VII OG's, & MCI coaches.

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