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I have a question about Senior Half-Fare MetroCards.


Seniors are allowed to get half fare on express buses except between 6AM-10AM and 3PM-7PM.


My question is, if they started the trip on a local bus, and get on an express bus during peak hours, does the person pay half fare or full fare?


For example, if a senior gets on the subway at 2:30 PM, and then gets on an express bus at 3:30 PM, does the farebox take an additional $1.65 from the MetroCard or $4.40?

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it will take the other 1.65 off the metrocard.(off Peak) on peak hours the 4.40


But that was my question: Is the express fare based on the time when you boarded the express bus or the first vehicle of your trip (the subway in this case)?

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