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(Aus) Farewell V/Line Carset SZ7.


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G'day All.


Yesterday carset SZ7 ran its last service (Being TD 8218 (0747 Up South Geelong) before being retired from service. SZ7 is a rather unique set as it contains 5 BS type cars. The oldest cars in the V/Line Fleet. They are unique car as they are the last compartment style car that was still in active service.


SZ7's main task was 2 peak services from the Geelong line:

TD 8218 (0747 Up South Geelong)

TD 8231 (1655 Down Marshall)



The final makeup of SZ7:


As seen in the car sidings for the final time.



A few hours later Y161 shunts SZ7 into Platform 3B.


Following behind is N471. This loco would be the one to take it to Newport.


At 1337 N471 blew it's horn and it took off as far as the signal gantry.


The West End car BS217:


Built in 1956 as 13BS. Renumbered 2VFX in 1962. Renumbered VFX217 in 1986. Renumbered BS217 in 1991.




Built in 1940 as 5BS. Renumbered 2VAC in 1962. Renumbered Sleeping Car No16. Renumbered SS286 in 1982. Renumbered BS219 in 1989.




Built in 1955 as 9BS. Renumbered 4VFS in 1962. Renumberted in 2VFR in 1964. Renumbered VFR215 in 1987. Renumbered BS215 in 1990.




Built in 1956 as 12BS. Renumbered 1VFX in 1962. Renumbered VFX216 in 1986. Renumbered BS216 in 1991.




Built in 1940 as 6BS. Renumbered 1VAC in 1962. Renumbered VAC285 in 1962. Renumbered Sleeping Car No15 in 1978. Renumbered SS285 in 1985. Renumbered BS218 in 1990.


Car behind BS218 is BCZ257. Built in 1958 as 7AZ. Converted to ACZ257 in 1985. In 1995 this car was sold to West Coast Railway and ran with them from 1995 to 2004 before being put back into V/Line's fleet(Due to WCR folding)


And finally leaving Southern Cross for the final time. Bound for Newport Workshops to be stored.

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There would be. It's just weather they want to buy one or not. Mainline 13 BS/AS cars are already preserved and have been for quite a while.

It depends on what V/Line want to do with them. They might come back as a loose car and used during busy periods.

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