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Impromptu Fanning


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Hot Stuff!




Nice pics from Parsons, Archer and Sutphin :tup:




(Mx)an did you out do yourself today ,(N)ot only did you get outstanding Jamaica shots but you had 599 at your Mercy and I always approve of the Different signs you wouldn't see on (A) Daily basis


Thanks. You already know how we do. :cool:

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Nice shots , & code signs ;)


GReat series of shots!!


Slammin pics! Seems like codebreaking is the new fad on here!


Nice pics!


Thanks for the comments guys!


Great work, SE! Fantastic shots of buses in Jamaica! :P


and I really commend you for your finding of 599 and capturing those hard-to-find signs. EXCELLENT! :tup::tup:


Thanks, I managed to catch some others as well:










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great shots;)


and i like the 599 on the Q111:tup: wish CNGs could be in Baisley Park instead of Hybrids




Awesome! Your Orion 5 shots pwn the most!!!


Thanks guys!

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