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IRT & BMT Station chaining information

Jamaica Local

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A few months ago, I posted on here about chaining distances for stations and got several wonderful responses for IND lines/stations.


Now I am wondering if there is any of that sort of information for the BMT & IRT divisions? (i.e. 96 St/Broadway IRT, starts at ###+##, ends at ###-##) When building train layouts, Google Earth is only good for the elevated portions, but not for the subways.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)

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Thanks for the information! Btw, I am working on station chaining (signal plates at the ends of platforms) by looking at Google Earth (using the ruler) and photos on nycsubway.org.


Does anyone have a picture of the end-of-track signal post right before the marker signal at Main St/Flushing?


Again, many thanks for answering what seem to be silly questions! :cool:

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