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Ironbound to scrap the Flxble Metro-D buses.


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Ironbound is not scrapping all of their metro d's (NJT). Big Tree & Market St. Garage are receiving some their flxble's (NJT). I saw 1964 & 1965 on the 72 line & 1865 on the 99 line.


(NJT) already send 1965, 1964, and 1865 to both Big Tree and Market St. Alright no big deal. Guess there was a bit of the bus swap.

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This is the real truth about the Metro-Ds being scrapped.


Suburban: 3704, 3708-3711, 3714, 3719, 3727, 3769-3772, 3774, 3776-3777, 3781, and 3784-3790.


Transit: 1870, 1872, 1873, 1890-1907, and 1939-1958.


Now this is how is done.

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