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For those who want to see a RFW on the 1 Line..


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Interesting news they borrowed a set from the (7) line and its running on the (1) Line....


Numbers are.....




I dont have to tell anybody what car number the RFW is, and its not a Full Width cab seen it myself yesterday.


I dont know how long this set will be on the (1) Line but after yesterdays drama it could be a minute...


On another Note there is a Set from the (3) Line there as well....




Happy Hunting.... B)

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Yeah and soon it may be on the (6) Line. I got word from supervision the (6) and (7) car swarps being this fall.


Oh really?


Interesting Indeed!


So you go from "new" chitty equipment to "older" chitty equipment..

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i dont see why they would send the 142 for cbtc when the surveys have not even started on the main line for it. they are having a real hard time trying to figure out where to put cbtc equipment due to lack of space from the entrance of the tube to times square. i have been on the surveys and its funny to see how frustrated the contractors get when they see they have to measure the same area 2-3 weeks in a row and find new problems everytime.

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Yeah R 142A going to the (7) for CBTC. They just sent the first R142A to PIT for testing. So around Nov we be seeing the changes.


So this Explains this:



Yeah I knew there was something to this.

I took the video last month.

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