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Pre-GOH R46 Side Rollsigns


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A few Pre-GOH R46 Side Rollsigns I found from http://blake.prohosting.com/~tptsm/rollsign/index.html:




















As you can see the TA made provisions to send (G),(N) and (R) trains to Parsons/Archer. As we all know the (E) got the assignment.


In the mid 1980's there were signs on the northbound platform at Union Turnpike denoting just that kind of service. IIRC, the (G) and (N) were to have originally served Archer Ave, with a special "G" shuttle operating from Jamaica Center to Van Wyck Blvd at night.


(G): Parsons/Archer to Smith/9th, evenings & weekends.


(N): Parsons/Archer to Coney Island or Whitehall, weekdays.


(G): Shuttle from Parsons/Archer to Van Wyck (Briarwood), nights only.


What a disaster that service plan would have been.


At the time, I had no idea what "Parsons Blvd" meant. The term "Jamaica Center" was never used.


I think "Jamaica Center" was a last minute decision. Some of the rollsigns even only said "Parsons/Archer" on them. I am assuming the station was supposed to be called Parsons Blvd or Parsons/Archer, and at the last minute decided to change the name of the terminal to Jamaica Center.

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