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Make Your Own Route!


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My subway route would be very simple and I believe it would fill a gap in the Middle Bronx:


A new 70(8) Third Avenue Line running from at least East 138th Street-Third Avenue to Gun Hill Road.


The new 70(8) would provide transfers to the (2)(5) at Gun Hill Road and East 149th Street and to the (6)<6> at East 138th Street while serving Third and Webster Avenues.


Stations would be the same: East 138th Street, East 143d Street, East 149th Street, East 156th Street, East 161st Street, East 166th Street, East 169th Street, Claremont Parkway, East 174th Street, Tremont Avenue, East 180th Street, East 183d Street, Fordham Road, Bedford Park Boulevard, East 204th Street, Williamsbridge-210th Street, and Gun Hill Road.

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I have a fantasy route that runs in a fantasy borough. I've dreamed of these for a couple of years now.


*The K train: Kalila Ave Express train. Runs between

Turner mall in Downtown Drakestown(has ALWAYS been a part of Drakestown) and Purple peace land , also in Drakestown(since january 2010).


*The P train. Kalila Ave Local. Runs Between Turner mall in Downtown Drakestown and Abdur-Razzaq Blvd in DrakesTown subs.


*The K train runs R32s , R68s , R68As , R160As , and R160Bs(Alstom and Siemens) Mostly R68s and R160Bs


*The P train runs R32s , R44s , R160As , and R160Bs(alstom and siemens)


*The K and P trains are based out of the purple peace yard


and last but not least ...


*The ridership on the K/P is populated by Frilly , Girly , and Kinky caucasian and mixed Females between the ages 15 and 26.

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oh , and I almost forgot about the X train.


*The X train- Drakestown shuttle. Runs between Billy Mays Sq and Fabulous Emma beach .


*The X and <F> train strictly runs R46s.(6259-7999)


*The X and <F> trains are based out of the Squarepants yard.


*The X and <F> train ridership is populated by cartoon characters and strange 3D person avatars!


*R46s # 6267 , 6275 , 6988 , 6873 ,6871 , 6543 , 6527 , and 7177 have some seats in the color of Spongebob showing his face on the seat.



*The <F> train...


Runs between Lavado Ave-City Limits and Billy Mays Sq.(Exp service for the Drakestown Ave line)



*(F) and (R) extensions...


(F) extended from coney island to Billy Mays Sq all Times.

(R) Extended from bay ridge to Miranda Cosgrove Ave. AM rush hours only. Other times use (F) instead.

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(K)-Eighth Avenue Express via 242 St-Riverdale in the Bronx to Floyd Bennett Field Brooklyn.


(U)-Second Avenue Local via LaGuardia Airport in Queens to Broad Channel Queens.


Since the (G) in my plans had been expanded to Manhattan a new crosstown service called the (H) would run crosstown via LaGuardia Airport to Tottenville Staten Island running on today's SIR.


(P)- Part of the Triboro RX plan Express via College Point Queens to Saint George Ferry Terminal.


(X)- Part of the Triboro RX plan Local Via 59th Street Brooklyn to Throgs Neck-Lawton Avenue.


I might have more but I am going to leave it as it is for now.

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-I would extend the (A) to the Bronx..probably the 241 St. Station..along with the (1).


-Restore the abandoned lines such as the Culver (S),The Myrtle El, The Jamaica El, Fulton El, and use the abandoned line spurs that can be found in certain tunnels.

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This might be fun

<R> Ditmars Blvd to Kings Hwy Via Culver EXP

(N) LaGuardia Airport to Coney Island Via Culver LcL

(G) Jamaica Ctr to Metro Ave

(V) 71 Cont. Ave to Church Ave Via Culver Exp

(F)(E) Little Neck Pkwy to Lefferts / Far Rockaway

(C) 207 St Manhattan to Euclid Ave EXP

<Q> Ditmars Blvd to Coney Island (S)Ea Beach EXP

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ok this is my first ever post. im going to make my version of what the (2) should be. ok here it goes.


i will start off with the (2) runing from sheepshead by - Avenue U, Kings Hwy & Avenue J then Flatbush Avenue to manhattan. At Borough Hall the north and south platform will dive down under Remsen Street then going into manhattan not stopping in Brooklyn Heights.


When it gets to manhattan it stops at south ferry instead of wall st. the (1) will instead run to fulton & wall streets to staten island. park place station will be discontinued. then rector st. cortlandt st will be two island platforms with a transfer to the (6) (running to staten island) across it. chambers st will have a transfer to the (A), (C), & (E). then after 14 st the 18 st station will be discontinued 14 st will have its platforms moved a block north, 23 st platforms will be moved to the south one block so the station from 14 st to 34 st dont have to be crammed together. by 72 a new PATH terminal will open, providing more people from NJ with more & newer PATH train lines. renaming the station "72 st - PATH terminal".


after 96 st the (2) will run express to 149 st stopping only at 125 st, as 110, 116 & 135 streets are local stations. in the bronx the (2) will run express in both direction all but nights between E 180 st to 3 ave providing a new express stop simpson st. the (5) will always run local. the (3) will run on boston rd to provide access to 7 ave for the nearby stops the (2) bypasses. then the (2) will finnaly finnish at Wakefield - 241 st. and that my version of how the (2) train should be.

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He means via Jamaica Local, Chrystie Street, 6 Av Local, Queens Boulevard Local, and Archer Avenue. The headways would be every 5 minutes.:tup::tdown:


And I meant from Jamaica Ctr to Jamaica ctr I found that funny so I wondered what the headways was lol

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My line would be called the (NX). It would run the same route as the (N), starting at Astoria-Ditmars, but it would go super-express the whole way. It would deviate onto the Staten Island Railway at 59th Street in Brooklyn, and finally terminate at Tottenville.

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The Teal (V)



2nd Av Express

6th Av Express


1. 149th St (2)(5)(T) (U)

2. 125th St (4)(5)(6)(T) (U) (Q)

3. 86th St (T) (U)(Q)

4. 51st St (6)(E)(M)(T)

All Stops With (M) until Rock Center

All Stops with (;)(D) until B'way laffeyette

5. 2nd Ave (F)(T) (U)

6. Ave C


Notes; (U) is 2nd Av Express

(T) is 2nd Ave Local

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Possible extension of the (D) train to Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road with stops at Gun Hill Road and Webster Avenue (transferring to Metro-North) and White Plains Road (transferring to the (2) and <5>).


Roadcruiser's idea of extending the 8th Avenue Line past 207 Street. (Possibly Yonkers)


Make the (F) Culver Express both directions to Coney Island. (G) goes local.


Extend (E) train to Lefferts Blvd. via Fulton Express.

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Um yeah most Culver Line residents will hang you if you try to make the (G) local, because their destination is Manhattan, and that will take away their one seat ride to Manhattan.


That's a shame because the express tracks start after Jay Street-Metrotech and I wonder if people would be upset transferring at Bergen/Carroll Streets. Unless there is another train that runs express except the F.

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I would make a 125th St line from 2nd Ave.


125th St - Lexington Ave

125th St - Lenox Ave

125th St - St. Nicholas Ave

138th St- City College (Located on Convent Ave)

145th St - Broadway


So minor in the scheme of things, but trust me when I say how helpful it would be.

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