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My Hand Made Transit Drawings.

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Very nice for a guy of your age (even if we're just 2 years away from each other), are you a left or right hand artist? :P I'm a lefty!!!

I also do freehand transit drawings with a ruler, here are some:

STM 11-030 and 15-083 (Classics):



STM 16-001 (First gen), Normally I would've made a 3rd gen but I didn't expect this one to be the best one I've made so far...:



STM 29-806 (LFS Artic):


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Nice. I am a righty. Nice drawings. I am a HUGE fan of your site. I am also working on a few subway drawings.


Lol, ah well thanks! ;) I rarely do subway drawings.., lookin' forward for yours!:P

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Nice job Nick!






You need to add 2 more tires (1 on each side) on the back of your buses, but they look good.


With something like MS paint, you could stretch out the width [right now they look too tall and narrow] and then those would be perfect. Nicely drawn!



Thanks for the comments and tips. Subway drawing to come today.

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