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SI Ferry "Spirit of America"

Pablo M 201

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For those wondering where the Spirit of America has been or has even noticed that its not in its usual places, well, this might explain that....



Spotted it last week going over the Bayonne Bridge and today I paid a visit to Bayonne to see if I was able to get to a spot that I can see it and take a shot of it.

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Already Broken? They should have saved the American Legion and Gov. Lehman boats!:D
Agreed! The Lehman can still come back but most of the boat has been partially stripped but hear it can still run.
Cool. BTW, thats a good shot!
How long has it been missing for?
Dunno, but was looking for it last week in service or by St George Terminal and happen to spot it from an S89 bus going over the Bayonne Bridge.
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