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R160 HO scale

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I have another question. http://www.collect-corner.net/subways.html


the r160 on this page for HO, is it powered. I know ill have top build it but will it come with a motor?


No, they come as R160 shaped pewter shells with a frame and gates that you can easily put a drive in there. And also STAY AWAY from Collect-Corner! They are overpriced and you don't get what you really need. You just get the shell. http://www.islandmodelworks.com make them and when you get it from them, you get shell, frame, and gates.

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Thank you so much. i have another question...what is the aluminum frame for? how do i know what bowser mechanism to get for an R40s or r160(those are the two models im looking at)


Aluminum frames give it the abilty to hold power trucks. As for the Bower driver, those you can find in simple google search and ebay.

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so i need that frame if i want it powered?


The R160's come in your choice of an "A" car or a "B" car, and include shell, chassis, windows, and trucks. We carry an aluminum or pewter frame that readily accepts the Bowser mechanism, 125120 with 34" wheels, which we also carry. We have tried producing cast resin frames, however, they are not very strong so we switched over to metal frames for strength.


As for dealing with the aforementioned dealer, you should receive the exact same items, at least that is the way that they are shipped out to him.


Also, the same setup and drive applies towards the R40's as well.


Thank you for looking.


Island Modelworks LLC

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thank you very much for that information....does it come with instructions or is it self explanitory/easy? ive never done this before if you couldnt already tell -_-



The models do not come with instructions as they arrive almost completely assembled. You will need to paint and decal the models as these are kits.

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