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Trainz Sim NYCTA Pics


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Current NYC Subway route I'm building....done with TRS2006 (TS2010 kept having annoying stuttering frame-rates and I was only running the 42 St Shuttle!). '06 is better this time around. Won't do TS2010 again until I get more RAM.



West Side Connection to 42 St Shuttle



Times Sq Shuttle track 4



Portal to Lexington Av line (Grand Central end)



Out of Service Train (Custom R62 rollsigns by me)



Track work north of the 42 St Lexington Av station



<6> waiting for clearance through construction area



Shuttle train incorrectly signed as an 8.



Overhead of Grand Central Shuttle station and interlocking



Bumper on Tk 1 at TSQ Shuttle station. Notice the marker signal!



Grand Central Shuttle tk 4 bumper



Northern end of the abandoned track 4 platform at Times Sq. IRT West Side mainline in the background



Edited by Green Eggs n' Pelham
Added more pics!
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That's freaking awesome :tup: R62/A <6> ftw!


Thanks IRT! I thought I'd throw that in there for two reasons:

1) Jeff Morris' R142s aren't detailed enough and alexander55's only work in TS2009 (my '10 layout has 'em)

2) It's awesome to see the 62's on all the IRT lines! I'll update my project every few days if I can, and feature more lines. All Division A lines will have R62s, so be on the lookout! Even the <4> will be there :eek::cool:

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There's a 14?


I was only aware of the following unused numbers (part of my custom rollsigns):


<4> even though I use it for the Jerome Express b/t 167 St & Burnside


Green Numbers: 8, 10, 12

Red Numbers: 9, 13

Purple: 11


If there's a 14, I'd be willing to add it--pending photo proof!


And since you requested..... (captions are below photos)

NOTE: All routings for 10-13 are my own creations.



13 train at Times Sq. (13: Flatbush Av-168 St/B'way). Uses normal 2 route to 96 St, then switches to local, then runs express from 96-168 via M track.



12 train at Grand Central (12: Brooklyn Bridge-East 180 St)



11 train at Times Square (11: Times Square-Citi Field/Willets Point)



10 train at Grand Central, front view. (10: New Lots Av-Yankee Stadium)



9 service returns! Train is waiting for clearance at X-200, which connects to track 4 of the 42 St Shuttle. 13 train is in the background!



Side rollsign on the 9 for ya IRT :cool:


Enjoy! :P

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I have run across this site before but never took the time to peruse it until now. Wow! I didn't know they went up to 15! I'll have to add those ones in, as well as the red (5) (12) and the <2>. Interesting to see Div-B reroute bullets which are never used. I've only seen the <F> on Peter Dougherty's book as a terminal at Kings Hwy.


I'm debating on whether to work my way uptown or downtown (I've got 59-34 Sts done for all major trunk lines, 53 & 42 St tunnels done too). Once I make a decision, I'll post pictures once I reach a significant goal.

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I might work my way downtown. Between 59 & 125, the trunk lines are pretty straight and laying just lines gets me a little bored sometimes :)


But, downtown....once you hit south of 14 St, it gets interesting. I've also modified Jeff Morris' bridge tracks to match the ones I'm using in my layout.


Also, I will update my R46 rollsigns, thanks to IRT's find with that website.


And just for fun, some old shots of my first Subway layout from June. It got deleted, hence having to restart!



Overhead of Lenox Yard



West 4th Interlocking



South Ferry complex (Loops, new terminal, Lex line connection and Whitehall St from the B'way line)



Rebird at Grand Central



Manhattan Br north side portals (looking towards Grand St. those tracks have since been changed to the ones you see in other photos)



(3) on the "B" track north of 72 St


And finally, some Brooklyn love...



R160 (J) at Marcy Avenue, ready to trek across the WillyB.


Enjoy :cool:

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I had searched through and made a visual list of all of Jeff Morris' subway stations (73 subway, 16 others, around 8 open-cut and 28 elevated), and there was no configuration for what Bowling Green has. However, he has almost every station layout in the subway in his pack (Different lengths for Div A & :), including some abandoned stations.


However, off-set platforms (7 Av-Penn Station, 8 Av-42 St, Essex/Bowery, 42 St Shuttle, IRT Lex platforms south of 14 St, and Bowling Green), are not included and Magicland's platform sets were limited. (Unfortunately he left in the middle of working on a second station pack, which based on the level of detail for his subway cars compared to Jeff Morris', probably would've included these irregular layouts.


So, in this first trial of the subway, I was still really new to Trainz, so I just used Jeff's station objects to make things simpler. The irregular stations that I mentioned I will built from separate objects/splines like my IRT 42 St Shuttle platforms. I had built a pretty good Bowling Green on a test layout for TS2010.


I am currently working on the 6 & 8 Av trunk lines right now. I hope to get to West 4th and the southern interlocking by the end of tonight. If so, there might be pics! :cool:


P.S. Know anybody with signal information to help with this project? I'm in dire need!:confused:

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