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Trainz Sim NYCTA Pics


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Hey ace loving the station but you have a couple problems the platform for the  (7)  <7>  isnt as long as the platform for the   (Q)  (N)  there different lengths look here. If you go to google maps youll see that the platform is shorter going towards Flushing srry i cant find a pick to show you what i mean but ill do my best hope i helped

Ok never mind i found its at the end of the vid the (N)(Q) platform is longer
Queensborough Plaza

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According to the official station floor & mezzanine plan from NYCTA (most recent notable change was in 2009), both upper and lower level platforms are 681 feet long. The reason the Flushing line's platforms seem "shorter" are because of the station houses and storage sheds that are on both levels. Those "eat up" space in real life, like on the models. Also, because of the different overall lengths of a 10-car B Division train and an 11-car set of R62's, you'll notice on the Flushing ends there are pipe railings to accommodate for this. Thanks for looking out for the integrity of my stations though, it's very appreciated!  ;)


Also, another update on Queensboro Plaza:


The canopies, third rails and station sheds will have to be manually placed in the overall construction of the station. I didn't realize when BStyles gave me those canopies that they have curved sections, and if you multiply objects like that over a long distance, the poly count skyrockets.


So, for now--everything you saw in the previous photos IS achievable, I just have to work a little harder instead of having it all on one model. So, right now the basic object will be both upper and lower platforms and their railings and end-of-platform guards.


I should have it in game by the end of the evening. Once that hurdle is cleared, I should have the (7) all the way up to Woodside by tomorrow.


-A   :ph34r:


P.S. @subwayengineer12: Those signals @ Mott Avenue look awfully familiar  :P  :lol:

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QBP finally in game. All canopies, sheds, etc are separate objects from the station itself.


-A  :ph34r: 

P.S. I know 75 footers don't really travel there anymore--but we're missing NTTs in the Trainz World! (Discounting Alexander55's hi-poly R142)

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Hey Guys--


Just posting some updates on the (7) line of the IRT mega-route. I've gotten up to 82 St-Jackson Heights, and just finished installing the crossovers on either side of 74-Broadway. Tonight my goal is to make it up to 111 St & do the Corona Yard leads.


As far as the entire project goes, I am currently adjusting the Lexington Avenue line to accurate gradients with respect to the rises and falls. This also means that the entire Brooklyn IRT will be modified as well, and passenger enabled stations will be put in as well. The project is progressing at an alright pace for me, so hopefully this week will yield some promising results. Because of their relative complexity, I'm holding off yards until the very very end (except Livonia which is pretty straightforward).

52 St-Lincoln bumpers (to lessen interruption during construction)



61 St-Woodside with some special guests



(7) train becomes an express after 74 St



Also, I need requests of what you'd like to see on the new set of R62 rollsigns I'm working on for Magicland's trains. All normal current routings (including the 9) will be included, and the 8-13 bullets and "Special"/"Shuttle"/"Not in Service. I'll only allow 10 new GOs for the normal routes, and two each for the 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13 signs. Post your requests in my inbox as to not spam this thread. And yes, the 7 to Javits will be included.


-A :wave:

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And the (7) has been completed to Willets Point-Mets Stadium station. The most complex and challenging part of this entire route was the 111 St interlocking and the Corona Yard leads. It was grueling but fun. Signaling should be a doozy over the weekend. I've decided to signal the entire (7) line as it's a stand-alone and it should be the easiest IRT line (besides the (S) ) to signal.


R142s on the Leads



(7) on the express flyover, above a set of R142s



Yard lead interlocking



And the final curve into Corona Yard




And we haven't had one of these in awhile--5/15/13 progress map!






-A   :ph34r:

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Come to think of it Green, if you guys made some updated trains that were really accurate, the MTA might consider using your routes to train their trainees. I know they have the R142 simulator, but this would be really helpful for up and inspiring MTA T/Os and C/Rs to get to know the subway firsthand. OpenBVE could do it too, but they don't update their things nearly as fast as you do.

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