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Trainz Sim NYCTA Pics


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I'm not gonna let what happened to my content yesterday hold me back from taking pics, sooooo I'm taking requests

You can choose any station or boroughs on any line with any train

Subway Cars I have:


R17 (Redbird, green, maroon)

R27/30 Redbird


R33 Redbird

R33 Greenbird








& R188

Choose any subway car and any line & I'll take the pics.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation  :)


Can we please not turn this into a request thread and use this to show off our Subway pics. If you want to do requests please start your own thread thanks. (It just makes for useless cludder with people requesting to see things)

Edited by Strain
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So encourage others to take pics so I wouldn't do this request on ur thread!


Dude im not trying to fight or argue with you ok all im saying is that if you want to make request just make your own thread ok.

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I'm not trying to start an argument

I don't see anyone else posting pics.

I'm not saying that should be a lifestyle either. All I'm saying is its ur thread so encourage others to post their pics

That's it


I'll create a request thread & my other pics would go here

How about that

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Strain, you don't have to be the police officer of this thread. I know it's yours originally but there seems to be nothing wrong with a few people doing requests as long as pictures are here. As the most senior contributor to this thread, content wise, I think it's allowable that a few requests be honored from time to time. SubwayEngineer, continue to post your pics here since there's no need to make a thread. Strain, I hate to say it but you don't have a right to pop in and police the thread whenever you want to when you're not really contributing to it. This isn't the first time you've popped out of obscurity to throw your weight around.

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You know what your right ace and im srry and as for controbutions my priorities have shifted from NCY to my TCRX Company and Finals. And SubwayEngineer,  i never wanted you to stop posting pics here since you, me (on occasions) and ace are the only ones really posting so i apalogize for the bad blood. But if you lie please continue taking requests if it brings my people to the thread.


And as for my contributing here its my NYCTA (TS10), MTA (TS12) Route beta.






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June 16, 2013 Progress Map

(4) finished in its entirety. Leads have been constructed to Concourse & Jerome yards, but the yards themselves have not been built fully yet. Same is true for Livonia (3) & Corona (7)


Next and final line to be finished will be the (6)<6> to Pelham Bay Park. Once that's finished, I will start on the yards themselves.

-A  :ph34r:


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R68 (B) & (D) & R160 (N) & (Q) over the Manhattan Bridge




R160 (J) & (M) over Williamsburg Bridge



R160 (J) & (M) outside Myrtle Av./Broadway



R160 & R143 (L) @ Broadway Junction



R38 (A) & R160 (E) @ 42 St. PABT



Old meets New pics!!!!

Redbird (6) & R142A <6> @ Parkchester



Redbird (5) & R142 (2) @ E180 St.




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Redbird R27/30 & R40 (L) @ Rockaway Pkwy



R40 (W) & Redbird (7) leaving Queensboro Plaza



R40's on the (N) & (W) @ Astoria Blvd.



R40 (C) & R46 (G) @ Hoyt- Schermerhorn



R40 (D) & R46 (R) outside 36 St.



R160 (Q) & R40 (B) outside Ocean Pkwy



R40's on the  (B) & (Q) with a R68 (S) outside Prospect Park



R40 (A) & R38 (A) @ Rockaway Blvd



Shoutout to Ace for allowing me to use his textures!!!!!

Enjoy :D

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I know nice shots man and as for me as of 935 on monday ill be done with school and ill be a senior and ill be ready to get back to work on my MTA route also how did you guys lie my Beta Route?

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