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Trainz Sim NYCTA Pics


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Wow so after WPR this project is completely done! You have done a great job Green and I commend you and BStyles, and anyone else who has been working on this project very much. 


SubwayEngineer you have also done a very good job at the reskins. I am not sure if this has been asked before, but are the R142 rollsigns animated?


Yep, after WPR I will be doing all yards then switching to the Southern BMT shuttle. There will also be a major announcement concerning the future of Trainz NYCTA posted @ the BDC Projects forum tomorrow evening so please keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately, the side signs on the R142/A & R188's aren't animated. If i knew a way to have .gif images as side signs, I would be one happy Trainz repainter!!!!!!

The .gifs are not able to be used in the way you want to. To expand on what Subway Engineer said, it's not just solely because he has two readings on the textures. He mapped his stuff a different way than Styles and I do--he used a "texture map" where everything is on one "sheet of paper". He referenced each individual texture through a .kin animation file (created in 3DS Max/GMax/Blender,etc) and that's why they change the way they do. A look-through of the config file reveals this. Andi06's AJS Superscript would be helpful here in applying the appropriate attachment points to this train & Jaleel's 143/160 to make the side signs animate. It's a project I've wanted to do for a long time but haven't had the time to do yet. 



Just a Q train

I love it! Yes the terminal object and the station spline are off--the terminals are being re-worked right now and are due for a mid-September release. 

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I have not forgotten about the good people of the NYC Transit Forums!!!!!!!


Obviously I'm back with some pics of mine.


Little project i did with the R38


Weekend Service

A pair of R160's on the (J) @ Myrtle-Wycoff Aves



We all know the current problenm with the (R) line, so here it is with the R160 (Q)



R62 (1) & R142 (2) with IRT Low-V Museum Ride IRT Broadway Line



TOMC on the 207 St. Yard Lead



Custom Number boards!!!!! (Thanks to Kingoftrainz for finding the font for me!!!)




Late night Service & rares
R160's on the (N) @ 30th St.



R46 & R40 (A) Between Grant & 80



NYCTA bringing back the Diamond (Q) ???



R62's on the (3) @ New Lots Av. Late Night (Rare)



R142A's on the (6) along the IRT Livonia Line (Very Rare)



R33 Redbird (2) along Dyre Av Line & R33 Greenbird (5) along the White Plains Road Line



Back with Daylight
R32 & R38 (A) between Rockaway Blvd & 104 St.




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Status of the Southern BMT Shuttle for TS12:


(D): Completed. 36 St to Coney Island via West End

(F): Under construction; will run from Kings Hwy to CI via Culver

(N): Under construction; built from 36 St to New Utrecht/62.

(B)(Q): Under construction; will run from Kings Hwy to CI via Brighton

(R): Under construction; built from 36 to 59 Sts. Will run to 95 as the late night shuttle.


Yards will come last, for obvious reasons. Stillwell is only 40% complete right now.


Here are some pics for you!

59 St & 4 Av



Ramps for the West End line



8 Av on the Sea Beach



39 St portals for the (D)



New Utrecht Av, now with the (N)!






-A  :ph34r:

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Thanks Horn. The stations' color scheme was chosen at random and was meant to be used on the entire system, interchangeably. I know that 36 & 59 have yellow beams, and that the stations below 59 have blue, and Bay Ridge is yellow. I can't change that without upsetting the balance on other portions (like how the blue works really nicely on the 8 Av IND in Manhattan). I am, however, tinkering around with experimental ideas on changing textures. I'm not sure if it can be done for splines, but if it can be, then the user can change the texture color of the beams. I know it only works on solid objects--the problem is that NYCTA stations are anything but "uniform", as seen by the many platform off-sets around the system, so I can't build an object that's 620' long and expect it to be used on the entire system, hence the spline middles, for varying length.


I do appreciate your feedback though and am glad you liked the video! I'm not ruling out changing the colors of the beams--just postponing it for a little longer!


-A  :ph34r:

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Green, I think what you made on your post on the BDC forums is an terrible idea, especially how harsh it was worded. I have run many websites and forums, and I know you might not really like the fact that many members are on your site, but think of how this is being worded off to the older members like me, who have been following this content since Magicland and JeffMorris, on here and Auran. How does this make some of the longest followers of your content feel?


If anything, more members that join, that brings more traffic. And even though not used often, there is a share button, which can spread the word for many potential Trainz NYCTA enthusiasts. And the sharing isn't even limited to a button, but through links, videos, countless forms of media these days. In my opinion, you are just driving people away from your site by making this post. It sounds like you are going to kick everyone off who does not post screenshots of Trainz. If you wanted to make this a site for developers only, then why did you create a forum?


Instead of putting members down, I would continue to encourage them joining. No offense here, but this is honestly not that big of an enterprise to have to be making such harsh posts about "gimme - pigs". And I am sure that downloads are restricted to members only. Just because a member does not post doesn't mean that a member isn't interested. And honestly here, what is going to stop them from creating another account. I use to post long ago, that was before my Trainz stopped working and I just simply didn't have the time to do much of it anymore. Listen, I'd really think about re-wording that post you made there, it comes off absolutely terrible. If this is the way that the site is going to be run you can check my account right off that list. 

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