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In a "Philly" State of Mind


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This past weekend I went to Philadelphia for my 30th Birthday. Of course I couldn't help but to fan my second favorite system. Here are photos from this event:



The newest buses in service for SEPTA is the (8340-8459) batch of New Flyer DE40LFRs. First up is (At the time) the newest buses in service 8428 on Oregon Avenue:



The previous batch of SEPTA Hybrids featured the old style front cap. Here is 8258 at Broad & Washington on a Route 23 detour due to a block party:



Until 9/5, the Route 10 Trolley line is using buses. Among those used are 1996 NABIs that are probably months from being retired. Here is NABI 5319 at 48th & Lancaster heading inward to 33rd & Market:



New Flyer E40LFR #815 on Frankford Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia on Route 66, one of three existing Trackless Trolley lines:



Taken in the early evening at Penns Landing is New Flyer DE40LF #8135 with a 3/4 moon lighting the scene:



Taken early Sunday morning on 60th Street in West Philadelphia is 2001 New Flyer D40LF #5412, way before most of these business would open for the day:



This photo, taken in the village of Collingdale in the Philadelphia Suburb of Darby shows even the most quiet of urbs have deep pockets of sprawl:



After having a fleet made up of mostly Neoplans, SEPTA now rosters only 155 Neoplan 60 foot artics. Here is #7138 at 15th & Market in Center City:



New Flyer DE40LFR #8409, still devoid of ads awaits a green light to depart from Frankford Terminal:



Proving that NABIs aren't quiet done, here is #5132 operating on a Sunday at Olney Terminal on Route 18:



In 2004, SEPTA purchased 20 Hybrids inbetween a order of 218 buses. All of the first two sets of Hybrid operate from one district. Here is 5844H on Route 57:



A year later, another 120 buses were ordered. All numbered in the 8000 series and also assigned to one district. These buses were the first diesels to be equipped with a Cummins ISL engine, which makes them insanely loud. Here is #8023 on the 47M Limited, a short offshoot of Route 47:



Taken at the intersection of Broad & Erie in North Philadelphia is 8237 working the always busy C line:



Norristown Transportation Center houses Buses, Regional Rail, and the Norristown High Speed Line. Here is 8398 in perfect light on layover at the T.C:



Lastly for the bus side is New Flyer D40LF #5807 at 69th Street Terminal, freshly overhaul, complete with a new Cummins ISL engine & paint job:


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Part II of my post highlights heavy rail (Market-Frankford, Broad Street Subway & Regional Rail)


Market-Frankford Car 1017 and rear units approach Girard Station:



A look at the Fern Rock yard of the Broad Street Subway:



Broad Ridge Spur at Track 1 awaiting departure:



A Two car set of Sliverliner trains at Market East Station:



At Wayne Junction, a three car train passes by on the former R8, now known as the Fox Chase line:



A Six car train running the B only route of the rush hour Market-Frankford Line enters York-Dauphin Station:



Meeting of the minds...I mean trains as two A trains pass each other near Tioga Station:



Car 1010 and sisters enter the Westbound tressle beyond Huntingdon Station:



A few minutes later, a A & B train at the outskirts of the same station:



Seen from the Westbound track is a Eastbound M/F train entering Spring Garden Station:



Sliverliner Car 447 leads a three car set on the Norristown Line, seen at Wissahickon Station:


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Lastly, I covered three of the four active Subway-Surface lines and the always funs Route 15:


PCC #2336 crossing the bridge passing Belmont & Girard Avenue:



Kawasaki Car #9046 at 53rd & Baltimore at Twilight:



9034 seen at the 61st & Baltimore Avenue layover of Route 34:



At 54th & Baltimore, Car 9008 captures the morning glow with a set of rowhomes left in its path:



PCC #2329 has just passed the Regional Rail bridge at 9th & Girard when photographed. Sadly a RR set passed by a few seconds later:



9063 lets off passengers on Elmwood & 64th heading towards the Eastwick section of the city:



Capturing the essence of the Center City Skyline is car 9103 at 57th & Elmwood:



Car 9059 has just passed sister unit 9102 at 57th & Lindbergh at the beginning of 5 minute rush hour service:



Still focusing on Route 36 is 9074 at 47th & Woodland, a mere two blocks from Woodland Car Shops:



Car 9073, thankfully still with its classic roll sign displays Not In Service as it heads back to Elmwood District:



9102 with a faded roll sign picks up a comely college student at 45th & Woodland in the University District:



Car 9075 is seen just past the 40th Street Portal on Route 34:



Last, but not least is Car 9080 at 19th Street Station showing off the "brightness" of its new destination sign:


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I finally got around to it but here are some videos I made to go along with the photos:


NABI 5249 (DD50/Allison)



New Flyer 5565 (DD50/Allison)



New Flyer 5652 (Cummins ISL/Allison)



New Flyer 5763 (Cummins/ZF)



New Flyer 8308 (Cummins ISL/EP40)



New Flyer 800 (Trackless Trolley)



Norristown High Speed Line N-5 #150



Market-Frankford Blue Line Elevated:



Broad Street Subway (Broad-Ridge Spur)



Regional Rail Sliverliner IV:



Market Frankford Blue Line


Subway Surface


Bus & Trolley System:

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