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R160 Car#9802 on the R


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Nice catch!


Too bad you didn't get the LED lighting test train, it's very blue.


Yeah that set is from Coney Island, rode it on the (N) a few times but forgot the car numbers though. Felt like being in a hospital :eek:

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I hope the R160s make their way to the (S) trains as well as the IRT lines as well.
BMT/IND (lettered lines) uses cars that are about 10' wide and are either 60' 6" inches long or 75' long. IRT (numbered lines) uses cars that are 8' 9" wide and 51' 4" long. The 42 St (S) uses IRT cars.



I like the interior design. The double handle bars are definitly convienent for rush hour trips on the Queens Blvd Exp.

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