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Your Favorite Subway Stations

Daniel The Cool

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I want to know whats your guys favorite subway station. I'll start


W 145th Street (A)(:)(C)(D)

W 116th Street (:P©

W 110th Street (;)(C)

7th Avenue-W 53rd Street Station

W 34th Street-Herald Square (B)(D)(F)(M)(N)(Q)(R)

W 4th Street

Pacific Street

62nd Street (D)(N)

Coney Island (D)(F)(N)(Q)

Norwood-205th Street (D)

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179th St. (F)

Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Ave. (E)(F)(M)(R)(7)

21st St. - Queensbridge (F)

Roosevelt Island (F)

Lexington Ave. - 63rd St. (F)

96th St. (1)(2)(3)

Jay St. - Borough Hall (A)(C)(F)

Smith - 9th Sts. (F)(G)

4th Ave. - 9th St. (F)(G)(R)

Utica Ave. (3)(4)

Ocean Parkway (Q)

Coney Island - Stillwell Ave. (D)(F)(N)(Q)

111th St. 7

Whitlock Ave. (6)

Parkchester (6)<6>

161st St. - Yankee Stadium 4/B/D

81st St. - Museum of Natural History B/C

59th St. - Columbus Circle A/B/C/D/1

Jamaica - Van Wyck E

Myrtle - Wyckoff Ave. L/M

Marcy Ave. J/M/Z

Chambers St. J/Z/4/5/6

14th St. - 8th Ave. A/C/E/L

14th St. - Union Sq. N/Q/R/L/4/5/6

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Jamaica Center - (E)(J)(Z)

179th St - (F)

169th St - (F)

Forest Hills - 71 Av (E)(F)(M)(R)

Broadway Junction (A)(C)(J)(L)(Z)

Myrtle-Wyckoff Av (L)(M)

Myrtle Av-Broadway (J)(M)(Z)

Marcy Av (J)(M)(Z)

23rd Ely/Court Sq/45 Rd (7)(E)(G)(M)

Delancey/Essex Sts (F)(J)(M)(Z)


many more...

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My top 10...


1. Metropolitan Av (M)

2. Chambers St (J)(Z)

3. 190 St-Overlook Terrace (A)

4. Queensboro Plz (N)(Q)(7)

5. Jay St-Boro Hall (A)(C)(F)

6. Astor Pl (6)

7. Essex St (F)(M)(J)(Z)

8. 161 st-River Av (:)(D)

9. East 105 st (L)

10. Hoyt-Schermerhorn (A)(C)(G)

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I kinda like 14th st and 8th(A)(C)(E)(L)

14th and 6-7th ave (F)(M)(L)(1)(2)(3)

for some reason


and 161 Yankee Stadium(:P(D) i think its 1 of the more cleaner stations



I want to know whats your guys favorite subway station. I'll start


W 145th Street (A)(B)(C)(D)

W 116th Street (B)(C)

W 110th Street (B)(C)


W 34th Street-Herald Square (B)(D)(F)(M)(N)(Q)(R)

Norwood-205th Street (D)


whats soo great about em ? lol espcially 205,110, and 116 llolol

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The "great" thing about Daniel's favorite stations is that the (D) train stops there (even better if it runs local, since it stops at 110 and 116).


He should of put he likes all the station on CPW, no need to put 1 by 1 and of course the (D) counts lol


My Fav


-East tremont avenue (IRT White Plains Line)

-238th St/Gun Hill Road (IRT WPR)

-Morris Park (IRT Dyre branch)

-149th/Mott (IRT WPR)

-Westchester ave/Tremont (IRT Pelham)

-Elder/Whitlock (IRT Pelham)

-167th St/Burnside (IRT Jerome)

-W225th/Dyckman (IRT Broadway)

-111th St & 103rd/Roosvelt (IRT Flushing)

-Queensboro Plaza (IRT Flushing)

-Grand Central Station

-Times Sq

-Saratoga/Junius Avenue (IRT New Lots)

-Flatbush Ave/Nevins St (IRT Eastern Parkway




-Tremont Ave/Bedford Park (IND Concourse)

-125th/145th St (IND 8th Ave)

-42nd St PABT/TSQ /14th St (IND 8th Ave)

-Forest Hills/Parson & Archer (IND Archer Ave)

-Coney Island

-50th/55th/62nd/71st Ave/18th Ave (BMT West end)

-Ditmas Ave/18th Ave/Church Ave/Smith St (IND Culver


Its long but this will do lol! Mainly IRT within NYCT i love.

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3. Bay Parkway (F) - usually empty (thats how I like it :P), great view and rail gap sounds of trains using the exp track.


2. Cypress Hills (J) - great view of trains curving in and out of the station, NB trains make great propulsion and rail gap sounds because of the timers, tons of great memories took place there with my dad and friends (once, I remember playing target practice with a good friend by throwing a few snowballs at a 42...good times. :cool:).


1. Ave H (B)(Q) - nice and quiet area, luv how the tress and plants overlap some parts of the station, nice view of SB trains coming from Newkirk Ave, unique station house design, beautiful victorian style houses right near the tracks.





Photo's from nycsubway.org

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My Favorite Stations! Here we go...



*7th Ave(F)-It's my home station and my most favorite/home line stops there as you all know!

*Bergen street(F)(G)-It's fun to see the Church ave bound (G) train just about enter the station and then at the last minute , the Coney Island bound (F) comes from below and cuts in front of it and comes in bergen street instead! LOL @ that!


*Carrol Street(F)(G)-Manily cause of the hill on the Manhattan and Queens bound side. Really helps trains speed in after coming from smith-9th street!


*Delancy Street(F)-Home of one of our beloved member here , Shane AKA Caitsith 810! and it's in the fashion heart of soho!


*Union Tnkpe(E)(F)-it's a very cool station. It makes an approaching R160 sound like the echo of the R46 and it really fooled me one time! I like how the (E) is always storming in that station like a bullet and then after a few minutes of that , the (F) quietly creeps in! AWESOME!


and 23rd street-Ely Ave.

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Guest UnionTpke E F

Union Turnpike

Woodhaven Blvd (G)(M)(R)(V)

Queens Plaza (E)(G)(M)(R)(V)

W 4th St


City Hall (R)(W)

Chambers St (J)(Mx)(Z)

Willets Pt-Shea/Citi Field


Court St/23-Ely (E)(G)(M)(V)

Broadway Junction

Smith-9th Sts

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