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Anyone remember the proposed Q94 Limited between Flushing and Fordham Plaza? It's a killer idea. But I heard [Don't know if it was true] it would follow the Bx9between West Farms Square and Fordham Plaza. I want it to travel like this:


Cross Bronx Expressway -> Tremont Av -> 3 Av

Via the Q44, then the Bx40/Bx42, then the Bx15/Bx55.


Stops In The Bronx:


Bruncker Blvd/Cross Bronx

Castle Hill Av/Cross Bronx

Hugh J. Grant Circle

White Plains Rd/Cross Bronx

West Farms Square

Tremont Av/Southern Blvd

Tremont Av/Crotona Av

Tremont Av/3 Av

3 Av/E 180 St

3 Av/E 183 St

Fordham Plaza


Someone like Cotb16 can tweak this list for me, I was using the Bronx Map ^^


How about having the Q94 run on East 182nd St to fill a crosstown gap between East 180th St and Fordham Rd. It can serve Aquinas HS, Little Italy, and St. Barnabas Hospital.


After White Plains Rd, it can stop at the following:

Rosedale/Cross Bronx


Morris Park/180th St

Southern/182nd St

Crotona Av

3rd Av/184th St

Fordham Plaza

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I always thought the Bx14 should be restructured way before its cancellation. Since the MTA is changing things around The Co-op Pelham bay area,


The Bx23 should be extended to to Parkchester via Westchester Avenue/ Metropolitan Avenue.

Meanwhile extend the new Bx24 to Bay Plaza

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More bus routes.


The M61: A replica of the M60, but instead of going south, it goes north to Riverbank Park. After leaving Queens, the M61 goes up 125th before turning on Broadway, then to W. 145th before turning to the Bx19/M11 Riverbank Park terminal.


The QM27 LTD: This bus replicate the (7) Train, but only makes stops at these places:

1. Times Square & 42nd Street

2. 5 Avenue & 42nd Street

3. Grand Central/Park Av & 42nd Street

4. Junction/Queens Blvds.

5. Corona Av & Junction Bl.

6. Roosevelt Blvd & Junction Blvd.

7. Northern Blvd & Junction Blvd.

8. Citi Field & Northern Blvd.

9. Main Street Station & Roosevelt Blvd.


It goes across 42nd Street, down 2nd Avenue, turns to the Queens Midtown Tunnel and stays on the expressway until Junction Blvd. It then turns on Junction, turns on Northern Blvd, and then turns south to the Main Street Station. This bus is Queens-bound only and runs four trips on weekday afternoons: 4:55 PM, 5:25 PM, 5:55 PM, 6:25 PM.


The M19: This routes compensates the current M9 and former M21's Avenue C branch in the form of a combination. Instead of its last stop at 23rd Street like the current M9, it'd go up to the Bellevue Hospital a few blocks away like the old M21. (This is built on a fantasy idea of the old M9 returning to its old route form prior to the cuts.)


The M97 LTD: This route travels up 11th Avenue and West Street between Columbia University/120 Street between Amsterdam and Broadway and Vesey Street. The stops are as follows.


1. Vesey Street/North End Avenue (Downtown Terminal)

2. BMCC/West St.

3. Christopher Street/West Street.

4. 14th Street/West Street.

5. 23rd Street/11th Avenue

6. 34th Street/"

7. 42nd Street/"

8. 50th St./"

9. 57th St./"

10. 66th St./"

11. 72nd St./"

12. 79th St./"

13. 86th St./"

14. 96th St./"

15. 106th St./Broadway

16. 110th St./Broadway

17. Amsterdam Av./114th Street (Uptown only)

18. 120th Street between Amsterdam & Broadway (North Terminal)

19. 116th Street/Broadway (Downtown only)

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These are just random ideas that just popped into my head:


B33 operates weekdays only between Kings County Hospital and Red Hook-IKEA.

via Clarkson Av, Parkside Av, Prospect Park SW, 15 St, 8 Av SB-9 Av NB, 9 St, Lorraine St and into IKEA.


B27/B32* will operate at all times between East NY-Broadway Junction and Bay Ridge-Shore Rd.

via ENY Ave, Clarkson Av, Parkside Av, and Fort Hamilton Pkwy up to 92 St, then via 4 Av to Shore Rd.

*B27 LCL/B32 LTD weekday service.


B21 operates all times between Coney Island-Stillwell Av and Downtown Brooklyn.

via Ocean Pkwy, Prospect Park SW, and 4 Ave.


M105/M105 LTD* operates between Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan and Cotsco-39 St/1 Ave, Brooklyn. via 7 Av (SB), 8 Av (NB), Manhattan Bridge, and 3 Ave (BK).

*M105 LTD runs between 7AM and 7PM. (Customers should use the M20 for local service. M105 runs local in Brooklyn.) All other times, M105 makes all stops.


S67 operates all times between St. George Ferry Terminal and Bensonhurst-Bay Pkwy/Shore Rd.

via Bay St, Verrazano Bridge, 86 St and Cropsey/Bath Avs.


B64 operates at all times between Sea Gate-W 37 St and Bay Ridge-Shore Rd, replacing the B74.

via Mermaid Av, Stillwell Av (D)(F)(N)(Q) Station Loop, Bath Av, 13 Av and Bay Ridge Ave.

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I need to understand what they meant by 5-4-3-2-1?

It refers to what sections in co-op city a route would be served first, over the other....




the old Qbx1 that went via "5-4-3-2-1" meant that, a bus heading towards co-op city would serve section 5 first, then onto section 4, section 3, section 2, then section 1...


the old Qbx1 via "1-2-3-4-5" means the opposite... a bus heading towards co-op city would first serve section 1, then section 2, then 3, then 4, then 5...

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I would create a Station Island Bus S97 +Select Bus Service+ that Passes Through Richmond Road.

1. Saint George Terminal- Staten Island Ferry Viaduct

2. Victory Boulevard- Bay Street

3. Clinton Street- Bay Street

4. Prospect Street- Bay Street

5. Canal Street- Bay Street

6. Bayley Seton Hospital- Bay Street

7. Tompkins Avenue- Vanderbilt Avenue

8. Osgood Avenue- Vanderbilt Avenue

9. Roff Street- Vanderbilt Avenue

10. Palma Drive- Bidirectional Richmond Road and Targee Street

11. Clove Road- Bidirectional Richmond Road and Targee Street

12. Columbus Avenue- Bidirectional Richmond Road and Targee Street

13. Old Town Road (Northbound)/Dellwood Road (Southbound)- Richmond Road

14. Burgher Avenue- Richmond Road

15. Garretson Avenue- Richmond Road

16. Seaver Avenue- Richmond Road

17. Hunter Avenue- Richmond Road

18. Midland Avenue- Richmond Road

19. Lincoln Avenue- Richmond Road

20. Bryant Avenue- Richmond Road

21. New Dorp Lane- Richmond Road

22. Richmond/Morley Avenue- Richmond Road

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B5- Limited-Stop service via Ft. Hamilton Pkwy/Linden Blvd between JFK Airport and New Dorp SIR Station in SI.


Last stop: 4 St/New Dorp Ln


Layover on 4 St


1st stop: 4 St & Rose Av

Rose Av & 3 St

3 St/New Dorp Ln

4 St/New Dorp Ln

New Dorp SIR Station

Clawson St/New Dorp Ln

Hylan Bl/New Dorp Ln

Hylan Bl/Otis Av

Hylan Bl/Midland Av

Hylan Bl/Jefferson Av

Hylan Bl/Seaview Av

Hylan Bl/Burgher Av

Hylan Bl/Old Town Rd

Hylan Bl/Clove Rd

Hylan Bl/Steuben St

Hylan Bl/Fingerboard Rd

Fingerboard Rd/Narrows Rd


Gowanus Expwy/92 St

Gowanus Expwy/86 St

Ft Hamilton Pkwy/Bay Ridge Pkwy

Ft Hamilton Pkwy/Bay Ridge Av

Ft Hamilton Pkwy/62 St

Ft Hamilton Pkwy/60 St

Ft Hamilton Pkwy between 49 and 50 Sts

Ft Hamilton Pkwy/New Utrecht Av

Ft Hamilton Pkwy/39 St

Caton Av/McDonald Av

Caton Av/Coney Island Av

Caton Av/Ocean Av

Caton Av/Flatbush Av

Linden Bl/Bedford-Noststrand Aves

Linden Bl/New York Av

Linden Bl/Albany Av

Linden Bl/Utica Av

Linden Bl/Kings Hwy

Linden Bl/Church Av

Linden Bl/Rockaway Av

Linden Bl/Van Sinderen Av

Linden Bl/Pennsylvania Av

Linden Bl/Van Siclen Av

Linden Bl/Ashford St

Linden Bl/Fountain Av

Linden Bl/Crescent St

Linden Bl/Eldert Ln

Conduit Av/149 St


All stops inside JFK Airport


The B5 would run 24/7, with Limited-Stop buses running the full route and local service between Bay Ridge/86 St and Brooklyn General Postal Facility 5AM-1AM. Late nights local buses would short-turn at Hylan Bl/Steuben St with a connection to the S78. Two school trips would arrive at New Dorp HS at 7:43AM and 7:48AM, and three would leave at 2:23, 2:28, and 3:03PM. The route would be split between three different depots: Jackie Gleason and Spring Creek would handle local service, while JFK and Castleton would handle limited service. The line would have 2.5-minute headways during rush, (every 5 minutes LTD), 5-minute headways middays (every 10 minutes LTD) middays and 5AM-8PM weekends, 8-minute headways (every 15 minutes LTD) 8PM-1AM, and 30-minute headways 1AM-5AM.

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M101 +SelectBusService


Amsterdam Av/193 St

St. Nicholas Av/191 St (1) (Southbound only)

Amsterdam Av/186 St [Yeshiva University]

Amsterdam Av/181 St

Amsterdam Av/172 St [Highbridge Park]

Amsterdam Av/162 St (C)

Amsterdam Av/155 St

Amsterdam Av/145 St

Amsterdam Av/138 St [City College]

125 St/Amsterdam Av

125 St/St. Nicholas Av (A)(B)(C)(D)

125 St/A.C. Powell Blvd

125 St/Lenox Av (2)(3)

125 St/5 Av/Madison Av

125 St/Park Av/Lexington Av (4)(5)(6)

3 Av/Lex Av/116 St (6)

3 Av/Lex Av/106 St

3 Av/Lex Av/96 St (6)

3 Av/Lex Av/86 St (4)(5)(6)

3 Av/Lex Av/79 St

3 Av/Lex Av/68 St (6)

3 Av/Lex Av/59 St (4)(5)(6)(F)(N)(Q)(R)

3 Av/Lex Av/50 St (6)(E)(M)

3 Av/Lex Av/42 St

3 Av/Lex Av/34 St

3 Av/23 St

3 Av/14 St (L)

3 Av/St. Marks Pl (6)


M35 +SelectBusService


125th St/Broadway

125th St/Amsterdam Av

125th St/St. Nicholas Av

125th St/A.C. Powell Blvd

125th St/Lenox Av

125th St/5 Av/Madison Av

125th St/Lexington Av/Park Av

125th St/2nd Av

Randall's Island/Icahn Stadium

Ward's Island/Keener Building

Ward's Island/Employment Center

Ward's Island/Charles Gay Center


To be continued

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I'm game.



- AE1: Jamaica-Van Wyck (E) to Downtown Brooklyn (Metrotech ctr); Jay st (A)(C)(F)

(via Atlantic Av)

* only stops on atlantic av in Queens is at woodhaven & at lefferts...

* only stops on atlantic av in Brooklyn is at pennsylvania, and at atlantic mall...






- FC1: "The Fulton Connection" - Franklin av/Fulton (C)(S) st to PATH WTC; church/vesey

(via fulton st, via brooklyn bridge, via South st Seaport, via.. fulton st)


* only stops on fulton st in Brooklyn is at franklin, & at flatbush av ext (fulton mall side, both directions),

* only stops in manhattan, period, are at Pearl/Fulton & Church/Vesey.


buses heading back to brooklyn will start at Pearl/Fulton, then travel to church/vesey, then nonstop to brooklyn....






- AE2/AE3: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to Atlantic City, NJ


(AE2's run nonstop from 92nd/ft hamilton to atlantic city)

(AE3's make 1 stop in Staten Island, en route to atlantic city)


* AE2 stops in brooklyn: shore rd/4th, shore rd/96th, shore rd/92nd, 86th/ridge, 86th/4th (R), 92nd/ft hamilton


* AE3 stops in brooklyn:

NJ bound- same as AE2, except it skips 92nd/ft hamilton

Brooklyn bound- 92nd/4th, 95th/4th (R), shore rd/92nd, shore rd/96th, shore rd/4th

* AE3 stop in SI: Richmond/Victory (on richmond av, both directions)


* AE2/3 stops in Atlantic City, NJ: Atlantic City bus terminal, bay 1






- AC1: The "Airport Commuter" - Astoria Blvd (N)(Q) to JFK Airport


Stopping at: Astoria/33rd, 94th/ditmars (SB only), LGA (delta, us airways, and central terminals), 23rd/ditmars, linden blvd/sutphin blvd, 150th/rockaway blvd, JFK terminal 4


SB Routing: Astoria blvd, GCP (ditmars blvd exit), 94th st, *encircles LGA*, 94th st, ditmars blvd, astoria blvd, 114th st, northern blvd, prince st, 37th av, college pt blvd, meadow lake rd, Van Wyck Expwy (linden Blvd exit), linden blvd, sutphin blvd, 150th st, 148th st, Jfk Expwy, JFK terminal 4 (pickup & dropoff at Q10 terminal area)


NB Routing: JFK terminal 4 (pickup & dropoff at Q10 terminal area), JFK Terminal 5, JFK access rd (outer lane), JFK Expwy (S. Cargo rd exit), service rd (to 150th av), 150th av, 148th st, 150th st, sutphin blvd, linden blvd, Van wyck expwy (college pt blvd exit), college pt blvd, 35th av, prince st, northern blvd, GCP (LGA exit), LGA delta, us airways, and central terminals, 94th st, GCP (Hoyt av exit), 31st/hoyt





AE1: $2.00 service

FC1: $2.00 service

AE2/3: $15.00 service ($10.00 on Saturdays)

AC1: $4.00 service



Come take a ride with us !

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I would create the Q30A, a route that goes from Springfield Blvd right to Little Neck Pkwy, non-stop. Its one of the busiest routes during school hours for students going to high schools along the route.

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Idea for existing current M5



To South Ferry

Broadway & 178th St

Broadway & 168th St

Broadway & 157th St

Broadway & 152nd St

Broadway & 145th St

135th St & Broadway

135th St & Riverside Drive

Riverside Drive & 11nd St

Riverside Drive & 116th St

Riverside Drive & 106th St

Riverside Drive & 97th St

Riverside Drive & 86th St

Riverside Drive & 79th St

72nd St & West End Av

72nd St & Broadway

Broadway & 65th St

Columbus Circle & 8th Av

59th St & Broadway

59th St & 6th Av

5th Av & 57th St

5th Av & 50th St

5th Av & 42nd St

5th Av & 34th St

5th Av & 23rd St

5th Av & 14th St

8th St & 5th Av

8th St & University Place

Broadway & Waverly Place

Broadway & Houston St

Broadway & Canal St

Broadway & Worth St

Broadway & Chambers St

Broadway & Vesey St

Broadway & Wall St

Broadway & Morris St

State & Bridge Sts

State & Whitehall Sts



State & Whitehall Sts

State & Bridge Sts

Greenwich St & Battery Pl

Trinity Pl & Rector St

Church St & Cortlandt St

Church St & Vesey St

Church St & Chambers St

Church St & Worth St

6th Av & Houston St

6th Av & 14th St

6th Av & 23rd St

6th Av & 34th St

6th Av & 42nd St

6th Av & 50th St

6th Av & 57th St

59th St & 6th-7th Avs

59th St & Central Park West

Broadway & 66th St

72nd St & Broadway

72nd St & West End Av

Riverside Drive & 79th St

Riverside Drive & 86th St

Riverside Drive & 96th St

Riverside Drive & 106th St

Riverside Drive & 116th St

Riverside Drive & 122nd St

135th St & Riverside Drive

Broadway & 135th St

Broadway & 145th St

Broadway & 152nd St

Broadway & 157th St

Broadway & 168th St

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BX50- Pelham (6) Station via Co-op City loops to Flushing Mains st. Limited stop service replace Q50 and BX23


All old QBX1 stops in Bronx Until (6) station from Co-op city.


LTD stop in Queens


14 Ave Q20B, Q44, Q76, QM2

20 Ave Q20A, Q76,QM2

Linden Place Q25, QM2

138 st Q25, Q34

Northern Blvd Q25, Q34, Q65, Q66, Q19, QM3

Main St (7)<7>

AM/PM rush 5-8 mins Hours of operation 5am-1am


It makes more scene because it always made more stops in the bronx

Nova RTS's move to College PT Depot or Casey Stengel

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Q50A from Co-op City (extension bus from Main Street directly to Queens College). This bus would travel straight through Kissena Boulevard from Main Street at the church (with no stops from there) until reaching the main front gate of the college (just off Horace Harding Expressway). Having a bus like this could be a big plus for students living in the Bronx. The Q50A would run in between and alternate with the Q50 (by ten minutes), arriving just as frequently. As such, it would also increase the amounts of Q50's running from Co-op City to Flushing/Main Street as well.




FROM CO-OP CITY: 6:15 - 7:00 PM and every 20 minutes (alternating between regular Q50).

From Queens College: Every 20 minutes until 11PM



Every 25 minutes from 7 AM until 6 PM (to & from Queens College).




BX23A extension every 20 minutes to go from Co-op City/Pelham Bay directly to Riverdale (231st/Broadway) - elevated train.

Edited by RhythmNBlues
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More route ideas.


The new B51: The bus route would return, but would be extended down to South Ferry during rush hour trips. The extended B51 would pass City Hall and continue heading down Broadway towards the South Ferry terminal. Returning from South Ferry, the bus goes up Centre Street and turn on Chambers and back to the original route. The B51's schedule would be revised as a 24-hour route.


The BxM8: An express bus that goes from Chelsea Piers and 14th Street/11 Av to Hunts Point via Central Park West, 125th Street, and the Hunts Point route of the Bx6. Hours are 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM with 20-minutes headways in rush hours and 60 minutes otherwise.


The QM14: This is the downtown loop twin of the QM15. Its Queens-bound route is Howard Beach and 102nd Street. Manhattan-bound, it travels south to the Financial District. Its hours are 6:25 AM to 8:55 AM with 10 to 15-minute headways Manhattan-bound and 4:05 PM to 6:40 PM Queens-bound.

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M25: Former X25 but little different

Toward Battery Park City

12th Av & 42nd St

34th St & 12th Av

34th St & 11th Av

34th St & 10th Av

34th St & 9th Av

8th Av & 34th St

8th Av & 37th St

8th Av & 41st St

42nd St & 7th Av

42nd St & Broadway

42nd St & 6th Av

42nd St & 5th Av

42nd St & Madison Av

42nd St & Park Av

42nd St & Lex Av

42nd St & 3rd Av

2nd Av & 42nd St

2nd Av & 34th St

2nd Av & 28th St

23rd St & 2nd Av

23rd St & 1st Av

23rd St & Av C

Avenue C & 23rd St


Same stop as X25 in Financial District, but extended to South Ferry via M20.


Toward CircleLine

Same stop as M20 to northern Battery Park City, then X25 stop to 20th St/Avery Place, then:

1st Av & 23rd St

1st Av & 34th St

1st Av & 39th St

42nd St & 1st Av

42nd St & 2nd Av

42nd St & 3rd Av

42nd St & Lex Av

42nd St & 5th Av

42nd St & 6th Av

7th Av & 42nd St

7th Av & 39th St

7th Av & 37th St

7th Av & 34th St

31st St & 8th Av

34th St & 8th Av

34th St & 9th Av

34th St & 10th Av

34th St & 11th Av

12th Av & 42nd St

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For Existing Route:

Extend Q72 to Queens Center Mall via Queens Blvd, 90th St, Justice Av, Broadway, Queens Blvd, 63rd Drive, Junction Blvd, regular route.

Same stop as Q60 on Queens Blvd section, Q58/Q53 stop at Broadway/Justice-Queens Blvd.

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Was a Fantasy....About to become a reality on 10/13/10


BW1 Boerum Hill-Atlantic Terminal / Yonkers-Empire City Casino via Downtown Brooklyn & Williamsburg



Atlantic Terminal on Flatbush Avenue

Smith St & Livingston Street

Broadway & Havemeyer Street


EXPRESS via BQE, Triborough Bridge, Major Deegan Expressway


Empire City Casino & Yonkers Raceway



Scheduled Run Time: 1 Hour and 10 Minutes

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Fantasy Only

M24: Midtown Culpture Loop- Runs on Weekend to replace M50 and discontinue M27 bus.

Begins at CircleLine Pier, 42nd St, 12th Av, 50th St, 7th Av, 42nd St, 6th Av, 50th St, 2nd Av, 42nd St, FDR Drive South, 34th St, 1st Av, 49th St, 8th Av, Columbus Circle, 59th St, 7th Av, 49th St, 12th Av, CircleLine Pier.


Circle Line Pier

12th Av/42nd St

12th Av/46th St

50th St/12th Av

50th St/11th Av

50th St/10th Av

50th St/9th Av

50th St/8th Av

50th St/Broadway-7th Av

7th Av/44th St

42nd St/7th Av

42nd St/Broadway

6th Av/42nd St

6th Av/45th St

6th Av/47th St

50th St/6th Av

50th St/5th Av

50th St/Madison Av

50th St/Lex Av

50th St/3rd Av

50th St/2nd Av

2nd Av/47th St

42nd St/2nd Av

42nd St/1st Av

FDR Drive/35th St

1st Av/34th St

1st Av/39th St

1st Av/42nd St

1st Av/47th St

49th St/1st Av

49th St/2nd Av

49th St/3rd Av

49th St/Lex Av

49th St/5th Av

49th St/6th Av

49th St/7th Av-Broadway

8th Av/49th St

8th Av/52nd St

8th Av/55th St

8th Av/57th St

Columbus Circle/8th Av

59th St/Broadway

7th Av/58-57th Sts

7th Av/55-54th Sts

7th Av/53rd-52nd Sts

7th Av/50th-49th Sts

49th St/8th Av

49th St/9th Av

49th St/10th Av

49th St/11th Av

49th St/12th Av

12th Av/46th St

CircleLine Pier

It will be same fare.

This route will use ADA Trolley Buses or Motor Coach Industry. MTA Farebox will be installed.


Here is M24 Route.

[GMAPS]<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=112143620797600446791.00048faccecd661d1039c&ll=37.0625,-95.677068&spn=27.423305,84.990234&t=h&output=embed"></iframe><br /><small>View <a href="http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=112143620797600446791.00048faccecd661d1039c&ll=37.0625,-95.677068&spn=27.423305,84.990234&t=h&source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">M24</a> in a larger map</small>[/GMAPS]

Somehow you have to zoom in.

Enjoy it!!

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