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What is you favorite MTH Subway Model?


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Well guys let the bashing...I mean choosing begin! I'll start off with mine. Even though I don't have it...the R-1's B) I want everyone to participate in this...Especially you Brighton Zach and MCD4x4 (who never comes on here anymore :) ).




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My turn:


1) R32 (N) train 8 car set (complete).

2) R36 WF (7) train 8 car set (complete).

3) BMT Standard AB 2500 Series (QB) train 6 car set (complete).

4) R1/9 (A) train 6 car set (complete).

5) R11 (1) Brighton Line train 6 car set and R34 (3) West End Line train 6 car set (complete).

6) R62 (4) 10 car set (complete).

7) R40 (F) train 6 car set (complete).

8) R21 (2) train 6 car set (complete).

9) Low-V Red (5) 8 car set and Green (5) 10 car set (complete).

10) Q-Type Blue WF (7) 6 car set and Green Third Ave. El 6 car set (complete).


These are my Top 10 I have all the other sets except the Low-V and R12 Work trains and the R12 3rd avenue shuttle. I love all my subways but these are the coolest as well as the rarest.

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