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MTA Bus Capital Plan 2008-2013


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According to the Capital Plan 2008-2013, the following is planned for MTA Bus:


"The 2008-2013 Capital Program

The proposed 2008-2013 Capital Program includes a total of $363 million, including: $293 million for bus purchases and $70 million for facility and equipment projects. A total of 484 new buses will be ordered. These include 253 hybrid-electric standard ($139 million) and 62 articulated ($48 million) buses for local service and 189 high capacity coaches ($106 million) for

express service. The new bus purchases represent a fleet growth of approximately 12 percent in “standard bus equivalents” (SBEs) over the current fleet.


Facility improvements feature construction of a new annex at the College Point Depot in Queens. The annex will be used to maintain articulated buses since their use at this location is well suited for the many high volume routes based here. Fuel storage and dispensing systems will be improved and new bus washers installed at the Eastchester, LaGuardia, Baisley Park, and JFK depots. In separate projects, new fire protection systems also will be installed at these depots. The roof at the JFK Depot will be replaced and a new ventilation system installed. In addition, a variety of non-revenue vehicles to support operations, such as tow trucks, bucket trucks, forklifts, etc., as well as necessary shop equipment will be purchased. Lastly, a detailed engineering assessment of all MTA Bus fleet and facilities will be conducted to help the agency identify long term needs and investment priorities."


It looks like we can expect more hybrids, coaches and even artics which may be housed or maintained at College point.

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Wonder which routes would mainly use the artics.


Could the Q60 be one of them?


The Q60 should be one of them but it looks like the artics might be at CP since they are planning to build some sort of annex for the maintenance of artics.

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