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LFSA on the 1 shuttle!!??


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great shots:tup::tup::tup:


I enjoyed all of your pictures. My most favorite is the New Flyer C40LF CNG on the #1 Shuttle.




Excellent Pics:tup::tup:


Awesome shots!


I love that last pic.Too bad it wasnt an R44.:cry: The LSFA is really showing off its versatility.


Damn they got everything on that 1 shuttle lol


Nice pics!


Slammin pics!




Except Queens buses.


Great catches!


Now, when will that sign on 915 be fixed? I shot it last week in Bay Ridge and it was broken---and it was broken when I saw it last year on the B63.


Great Catches!


Nice Shuttle Shots .


Great shots!


Thank you so much everyone! ;)

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Yes, all C40LF CNG words is green. When it is orange, I don't know what caused it to be orange???


It caugh the UlmerPark Plague of orange sings.

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