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tagged r160s no lie


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How about they stop being perps and quit tagging shit. It's lame, it's immature and it's low-class.


How about they electrify some fences...if barbed wire doesn't keep them out.:P


I'm pretty sure they won't stop being perps and I doubt they'll stop tagging sh!t.


If they do, that will be the greatest miracle in the history of modern humanity

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This is why they need to keep their cars maintained and protected! And as a daily (F) rider , I gotta tell you guys , Jamaica Yard does the 2nd WORST job maintaining the train's body(The worst would be the East New York Yard). every time I've been on a R160 (F) lately , it's ALWAYS tagged somewhere along the body! In fact one time last week , I got an (F) train on my way to school and the front red LED route display was tagged with an huge yellow "Ass" which affected the color beam of the route display! It really tricked me for a good 5 seconds! It's a shame! Maybe R160s WILL get ruined fast!

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In worst





Can't Rate CI or Concourse

Or IRT or Pitikin or 116 Rockaway park

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People just don't tag and vandalize trains in the yards. They vandalize and tag trains in service. The electric fence may be one solution but these low lifes will find alternate means. Law enforcement and the mta needs adjust to those means. In regards to Jamaica (I cant speak for ENY cuz I dont ride their trains). Jamaica stores a vast majority of its car outside its yard cuz it has no rooms and since the trains layup in the evenings for the am rush, the mta simply isn't gonna spend money to move a train (or multiple), bring it back to the yard, clean up, lay it back up constantly. It costs a lot of money and labor time. Be thankful this isn't the 70s and 80s (which I did not live through but I'm been told about it) in which everything was tagged up. And be thankful that you have new cars (unlike the A/C lines for the past 19 years... and counting for me).

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