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Things That Annoy You!


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I don't know if we had one of these threads but I feel like venting so here we go:


Things that annoy me:


People who show up with 75lb bags and get pissed when I tell them to load them themsevles.


People who think they are going to sit right behind me and talk loudly on their cell phone for the 182 mile ride from Providence to New York


People who get pissed that we arrived 15 mins late into New York on a Friday afternoon.


Co workers who have a skewed sense of what's important. Write up that a reading light is not working, but slow brakes are A-OK!


The company for cutting a schedule but still selling tickets for it, causing my schedule to leave 25 people behind Fri,Sat and Sun.


The company for governing the new eqiupment to 65mph for "fuel consevation". Give me back my 70-75mph please!


The moron that approved 6 street fairs in Manhatten for yesterday. Thanks for the extra hour of OT that I didn't want.


The Yankees for having 705pm games all this week.....I won't get home on time all week long!

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I hate when people take tools out of the tool room and they don't put them back.


I hate when someone leans the 2x4 up that holds the barn doors closed...and then the bar falls on my head.


I hate when people leave the boom on the crane dead-center, making it impossible to get the pole on the wire.


...last but not least...I hate when trolley poles lift motors.

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I have quite a few:


(1) When people crowd buses and refuse to move to the rear when their is room

(2) People who are judgemental

(3) Hypocrites

(4) People who play their music very loud when I am on the bus or subway

(5) When I try to give my friends good advice, they don't listen to me and then the want to cry that the are alone

(6) People that call me weird just because I have an interest in the (MTA)

(7) When tourists take their sweet time on the Staten Island Ferry and delay everyone

(8) When some girls complain and cry over little things

(9) Guys who do wear their pants very low in public. I mean, we really do not need to see those boxers.

10. Crying kids that cannot stay quiet

11. People who use the n-word to greet each other.

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people yelling at drivers for being late and telling them they shouldnt get brakes

people not moving to the back of the bus

loud 9'ers ( grade 9's )


planning a trip on OC Transpo's website and it being completely innacurate ( route wise )


Xbox Live members who whine all game about their K/D LOL

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1. People ... Just not of any sort, the ones that just look plain stupid.


1a. People who sag their pants, girls included.

1b. People who think life is all about getting laid, gangs, violence, etc. I hate it.


2. People who run up to the bus / train expecting for the doors to be re-opened and then cursing out whomever for it.


3. People who do not move all the way, up the stairs to the dead back of the bus and the operator who give in to it and then skip stops because of it.


4. Parents who buy or generously accept those Spongebob bookbag leashes for their babies and then use it ... Why are you degrading your image?


5. Mothers (and it is always the black people I see) who curse at their children, hit them and stuff. That is annoying.


6. The kids of the neighborhood... My neighborhood, who never go to school, hang out on the corner, pants low... if not gone.


7. People who look at you and automatically assume "terrorist!"


8. Fakes.


9. Strangers who jump in front of my camera for a picture and then ask me to email it to them. How bout no!


10. People who just are all up in your relationship business with the number 1 question being asked, "You do her yet?"


11. Whoever is in charge of Apple and Microsoft.

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Okay I'm exaggerating, but I am pissed off at the following diversity of annoyances:


1. loud-mouthed obnoxious smartass females in 8-10th grade

2. waiting a long time for the perfect photo shot and THAT'S when a person or car gets in the way

3. people who think an interest in transit is retarded

4. couples who make out in public

5. movies that make it look so easy to fall on love when in real life (in my case) it's nearly impossible

6. hypocrites (i'm guilty of that sometimes too)

7. idiots who crowd the front of the bus when there is room for an elephant in the rear

8. crying babies on the bus/train

9. fighting HS kids

10. parents cursing at their toddlers

11. people who eat HUGE fast-food open meals on the bus/train

12. jehovah's witnesses (no offense to the ones on this board if there are any)

13. my own SEPTA raps

14. people who like to make dirty jokes out of anything I do/say

15. people who turn my verbal mistakes into excuses for them to call me gay

16. Apple gadgets

17. girls who get hype way too fast way too much at way-too-little matters

18. people who never give solid straight answers to questions (I ask a yes-or-no question and I get anything BUT yes or no)

19. the doors closing announcements in the Broad Street Subway in :septa:

20. threats

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foamers and people who are Dicks


Speaking of which, I saw an old photo of 1689 with a "this is a no-foaming zone" ad in the ad holder behind one of the cabs...that would be a nice gag for RT weekends next year.

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*Teenagers that are wannabe gangsters but they talk like a diseased elephant

*The (2) and (3) trains that go local for no reason during the middle of rush hour

*Loud Music

*People that have iPads and are trying to make you all jealous

*Crying babies

*Crowded (F) Trains

*Lexington Line during the rush

*Homeless people that smell like shit

*People who know that they gonna get sick, but get on the train anyways, complain then delay the train

*People that don't give seats to the elderly

*Fools who pull the EMG brake for no reason

*Mark Sanchez

*Barack Obama

*Tourists that are in the Bronx asking me if they were near Coney Island

*Crowded buses

*Nosy People

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11. people who eat HUGE fast-food open meals on the bus/train


okay im guilty of this one after transitfanning 8 hrs straight ( it was a long summer ) i would go buy myself something filling and eat it ( mc donalds or chinese food mainly :P )

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I am going to throw this thread on the third rail, pick it up and throw it in front of an express bus on an empty LIE, throw it in front of a (J) train on the Willy B, then drop it in a partially full CNG tank and light it on fire.


-Teenagers that take the senior/disabled seats and don't move for them if a person who is such gets on, or teenage moms that let their kids do anything

-teenagers that blare crappy music from this decade (especially from the last 4 years) through their headphones

-people that don't move towards the back of a crowded bus on a busy route and hold the bus up because the operator suspects that there's someone holding everyone up

-anyone that thinks they're Phil or Graham Hill and drives a 4,000 lb. sedan like it's a racecar, cutting people (especially buses) off

-People that talk loudly in buses in different f**king languages

-girls doing stupid shit (texting while driving, etc.)

-couples online or IRL having a moment, or having any indication that they are related on their person (clan tags, similar names, PDAs)

-crying babies

-and their deaf ass f**king parents that don't silence them, especially on buses... OR IN f**kING CHURCH

-those stupid ugly ass buck toothed genetic misfires whose boyfriends "see something in them that you don't." I see something outside of them, and it ain't pretty.

-The Disney Channel

-Any of the music channels since 2003

-idiots in groups that don't shut up when shit is going on and roam the halls because they have nowhere to go

-Anyone that is still attached to post-2005 Nintendo

-Religious preachers on the bus that hold people up with their annoucements of the end times before getting off

-spoiled ass bitches/douchebags in brand new BMWs, Infinitis, or Mercs. Porsches do not apply because 70% of that marque's drivers are in their midlife crises.

-Bus operators that change the Luminator sign to read "NEXT BUS PLEASE" when their bus is empty

-transit employees that hate their own system

-people that scream Asian slurs/ethnic stereotypes when they feel I do something better than they do

-Distance based fares

-incompetent college instructors

-Little kids on the internet

-Pennsylvania and its residents that don't know how to drive here, and pollute New Jersey and New York's beautiful waters becuase they themselves don't know what the ocean looks like and have to come here just to see it

-Ohio and its residents that think being from Ohio is something worth pointing out

-the wealthy



-political correctness

-modern day kids' shows

-faked photos of women

-MTA managers

-anyone that manages to pull off something I failed at horribly like an ace and then trying to tell me it's easy

-Anyone that attends/graduated from an Ivy League school

-douchebags that think community colleges are wastes of money, and that their attendance at a 4 year school and graduation makes them better than you

-Anyone that likes twilight

-twilight in general

-people not catching cheaters, or catching them and not having anyone believe them

-the National League of the MLB

-kids that think they know about guns/cars from playing Call of Duty or playing some PC racing simulator

-people that think PCs are the best gaming platforms


-people that do nothing but nitpick at the slightest errors of their transportation network



End thread.

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Couple more things:


*Fat people who walk up to McDonalds, saying "I would like large fries, large soda, 2 angus third pounders, both deluxe and 20 mcnuggets.


*Don Mattingly

*Fat people who take up 2 seats on the train


people that think PCs are the best gaming platforms


Well they are :P. You could modify anything you want, theres endless possibilities with how much RAM and the power of your CPU, and theres more things to do. You try to do that on a PS3 all your gonna do is brick it. At least you can't brick PCs. Plus you dont need any of that Xbox live crap

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What I hate.


-People that won't shut up.

-Girls that act stupid so they would look cool

-Stupid women

-People that accuse other people of their problems when they had done nothing wrong.

-Jerks that think they know everything but they don't

-Immature People

-Dumb people that hold up everything

-Dumb drivers on the highway ruining it for everyone

-How long it's taking to complete the Second Avenue Subway

-Fat people especially the ones that think they are cool but they are just dumb bimbos.

-Gay people for what they do

-People that mention Kaila Avenue. A nonexistent avenue especially the (K), (P) idea.

-People that enter a dream world frequently and thinks they can live in it.

-People that only want revenge when someone just mentions something.

-People that fight for their own greed.

-The rich for doing a bad job in helping the poor.

-Rich Snobs.


I think that is about it. :P

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foamers and people who are Dicks


Stole what I was going to say :(


To add onto that


People/Foamers who remove people / stop being friends with people just because of a stupid subway line they are not against.


People who takes the transitfanning hobby to a personal level.


People who always wants to know your business, friends are fine but people that I dont know/barely know, you can step away or get stomped on.


Certain people who tend to be Know-It-Alls


People who start untrue/fake gossip about other people.








So much more.

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Cold pizza

When people don't refill the TP in the bathroom


Ice cubes

The light on my charger that never goes off

The little things in life

Having a whole bunch of keys that look the same

Paper jams

When my ID wont read on the first swipe

Poor radio reception

Cotter pins

Dead light bulbs

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1) People who cough and don't cover their mouth

2) People who smoke and blow it all over the place

3) Lady GaGa

4) The 250 pound, single mom with the three screaming kids and the SUV-sized baby carriage on the Q85 bus

5) NIMBY's

6) People who support the Constitution only when it benefits their position

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