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I love apple stores


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My favorite Apple Store is the SoHo shop. Back in high school, beginning in junior year I believe, that was my afterschool spot where I went every day for like half an hour and then go home. I still go to the SoHo location but my new afterschool spot is the one in the mall in Staten Island. The Chelsea store is nice as well.

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I have been to 5th ave, soho, and w 14th stores, i vastly prefer the w 14th store, the staff kicks ass, and the 3 floor spiral glass staircase is mind boggling, the distance from the (A)(C)(E) and PATH means i can also visit it easily from NJ, though the subway is a bit closer than PATH.


Upstairs i love sitting on the window sill and looking out over the streetscape below and fiddle my iPhone. :cool:


- A

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