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Is Anyone Here Affected by School Bus Cut?


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I heard on NY1 that School Bus has stop picking up Middle School student. Anyone here in School used School Bus.


Does anyone here seen after School Bus cut, Middle School students walking across the dangerous intersection or MTA School Tripper?

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My brother was affected by this cut. He says that there are "special" buses going back home from school, but not to school.

When I went to that school, I did receive bus service, and I tried to get a Student MetroCard because of the greater flexibility, but they wouldn't let me, so I took the yellow school bus (and sometimes I would just walk to school).

Everybody in my family feels that everybody is overreacting to this. There aren't a whole lot of places on Staten Island (even on the South Shore) where you are walking a long distance in a street with no sidewalk. And even in the places where that is true, they can't be worse than what I had to walk through to get to the library. I can't stand the other excuses "Oh, the (S74) goes through a jail", or "I have to transfer from the (S55) in a jail" (in which case they could transfer on Bloomingdale Road). Not to mention that a relatively large percentage of children were driven to school (In which case they deserve to be stuck in traffic if they must drive directly to school, not even a ride to the bus stop or (SIR) station)


This reminds me: Since relatively few people ride the South Shore buses, and they have a very high cost per passenger, this would lower the cost and give these routes a reason to exist. Also, whatever "specials" that run will be added bus service in those neighborhoods.

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