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Double decker buses


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I was on Vanhool Double Decker Bus on X30, but it keep hitting the trees.


Also, when I was on Grayline's Brooklyn Tour Bus, Double-Decker Bus keep hitting trees because low tree branches were in way.

It was same reason with Big Taxi Tour and I thought top was going to hit traffic sign.

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At one time the MTA wanted some of the buses to deploy on express routes, and 5th Avenue, and Broadway routes IIRC. After MTA tested the buses, they decided not to place an order. Speaking of express buses, I would love for the new order of express buses to go to Nova for the Prevost. I like those buses, and it would deversify the OTR fleet. I caught some shots of it back in '08 at Casleton when Trevor, Ray and I were hunting 3800. That's a bad piece of machinery!

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