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Smart Phone App or Terrorist Dream?

Harmess app, or International Security threat?  

  1. 1. Harmess app, or International Security threat?

    • It's a harmless App.
    • This is a threat to aviation security
    • Not sure

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Flight trackers already exist, this is just for the aviation fans who snap photos of aircraft and need info... I say its harmless


I agree 100% that the app is ok at this stage, but It's something unsettling about it, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

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Aircraft follow fairly set routes using a waypoint system decades old, not hard to "track" them. Also they may look not too far away, but usually they are thousands of feet up if you can make out a livery. The ones above that, the lil dots with contrails behind them, are 5-7 miles up, traveling at around mach 0.85 or ~560 mph. If you're pointing anything at the sky that would harm these aircraft, i'm pretty sure many people would notice (even a stinger missile would run out of fuel).


No risk.


- A

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