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Sign up for wind energy - no sales tax for green energy


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Click on the link above and Sign up today. You do not get charge sales tax when you choose to go with green power. Make a different be part of your community members who cares about the environment. Change your source of energy sign up with Con Edison today. It's an easy step, it will only take 5 minutes of your time. Click on the above link and sign up you wont regret it.

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After you fill in all the required information, you will click on next. If they is an error, you'll get a message telling you to call 1-888 - 437 - 1722 call that number and ask to have your energy source change to green power.


The company that will supply you with this green power, is a subsidiary of Con Edison. Your bill will still say Con Edison on it but the power source will derive from a green power energy company. By doing that you will contribute to the total percentage of people in your community who want this service. In the long run, green energy will cost you less in relevance with inflation ....because wind is a natural source of energy.


Here's the different ....before, you were paying $15.00 per kw after the change you'll be paying $16.50 per kw. That is a different of $1.50 per kw. Since you're receiving green power now your sales tax is 0. In a way it's still about the same because the sales tax offset the different of $1.50.

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