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Suffolk Transit Orion VII on the 7D

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Here it is one of Suffolk's new Orion VII's, number 1031 on the 4:00pm 7D

Please tell me that thats not a ghost in the drivers window!

Finally made the turn


9651 doing the 12:45 7D on Election day

9924 doing the 12:45 7D yesterday

9924 on the 3:25 7D yesterday, going to be heading home after this

9651 on the 9:15 7D, can you see it behind the tree?

9650 on the 3:15 7D back in October

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Thanks, normally my bus pic come out crappy, but those of the Orion VII are the best of the bus.


I almost never got them, i had waited for that bus since the 3:15 run, i saw it on the 1:10 run, and was going to leave after the 3:25 run (9924) had gone through as i thought it wouldn't be on the route any more, then i remembered the 4:00 run. So after debating with myself on weather to wait for it in the growing cold or head home, i decided to wait and after trying to chase a good sunset photo to kill time, it sneaked up on me, it came a full two minutes early. No 7D has ever come that early in the afternoon.

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Damn, nice photos. Those Orion VIIs look pretty good!



I have to admit, even though i like the Gillig Phantoms the most (i haven't yet rode a Orion VII), Suffolk's Orion VII's look cool.

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Hey great photos and that 07 looks like a 35ft bus.


It is 35ft.


Suffolks Orion VII's go like this as far as i know


40ft- 1001-1015 (all have arrived)

35ft- 1016-1065 (1016,1018-1025,1028,1031,1039,1043 are known to have arrived)

30ft- 1066-1081 (only one of these buses have been delivered (1066), actual measurement may be 32ft, but its listed as 30ft in the order)

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