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80s TV watching nostalgia thread

Santa Fe via Willow

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Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors at 3 on Ch 5.


Transformers at 3:30 on 11 opposite She-Ra on 5.


He-Man at 4pm on 5 opposite GI Joe on 11.


Thundercats at 4:30pm on 5.


WNYW then.


8 is Enough at 5pm on 11.


3's Company at 6pm on 5.


M*A*S*H* at 7? on 5.


Then there was the GoBots. On 9 weekday afternoons?


The old V was another show I liked as an elementary school kid. Voltron was another but I wasn't too into that.


Taxi came on 11pm opposite Burns & Allen on 9. 9 showed Benny Hill too remember?


Honeymooners 11:30pm on 11 followed by Star Trek followed by Twilight Zone followed by Heehaw.


9 showed Hawaii 5-0 at midnight IIRC.


11 showed Star Trek Saturdays at 6pm too.


Odd Couple came on then at 11 or 11:30pm on 11.


11 Alive!


9's Million Dollar Movie.


Monty Python on 13 Sunday nights at 10pm.


Those were the days.

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The 80's is the only decade worth talking about. :tup:

Three's Company was a great sitcom, John Ritter was

a classic actor, may he RIP.


Too Close for Comfort,

Growing Pains,

The A Team,


Hill Street Blues,

The Love Boat,

Fantasy Island,

St Elsewhere

Punky Brewster,

Magnum P.I.

Who's the Boss?

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I loved watching these kids shows/cartoons in the 80s:


Romper Room with Miss Molly

Zoobilee Zoo

Muppet Babies

Gummi Bears



Garfield and Friends


The Smurfs (of course!)

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Strawberry Shortcake (curly-haired, not straightened with a flat iron)

My Little Pony (without the crappy bug-style eyes)

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Punky Brewster (cartoon version)

The original Kidsongs (it aired on Channel 4 back then)

Pee Wee's Playhouse


This was excellent kids programming. Nothing nowadays compares to the awesome shows from back in the day.

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