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MSTS: NYC-Area related routes

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can you tell me please:

where can I find lets say the NYC-Newark-Trenton stretch for MSTS. Or the MNRR New Haven Line.....


I've seen some video of some MSTS Long Island Railroad stretch in youtube.

Hope, that there is some NYC/NJT-related stuff.

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Okay, I would agree that from Newark to trenton the NEC stretch cannot be considered as something special. but from NYC-Penn Station to Newark Penn station ... it is something special. Espcecially how the railways rise over marshes and wetlands.


As of me, I love to ride Tokyo-Hanoke route, using CHS4 Russian Locomotive. (Actually Czech-Made). .... as of me, first the route reminds me some outskirts of Odessa, Ukraine where I was born, and then when you drive in the Downtown Tokyo - it looks like Manhattan.

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