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Matawan In Depth


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Here's a few pics on the night of 4/6/08 of Matawan Station :njc: after I came home from my ex's house. Hope you like.

Old Matawan (Abandoned 1998)


New Matawan (Opened 1999)




Catenary Detail


Local To Penn Station Arrives


Comet Details



The "Death Shot"


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I haven't been to Aberdeen-Matawan in a while. It really is a great station to shoot at. Thanks for posting Nick!

You are most certainly welcome Harry! This summer promises that the:njc: will be very photogenic. Especially, since the Comet VI are now running.

Great Photos.


ALP-46 #4613 was probably at the end of the Consist with 6009 at the front of the train.




No, ALP-44 #4416 was trailing that train. Sadly the side of #4416 has a huge rust spot right across the disco stripe.

Great pics my favorite is the first one....

The first is my fave. I think the old Matawan is nicer then the new station. I wish the Henry Hudson Trail was extended to the train station.

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