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Which line do you think is the longest?

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The longest line in the nyc subway is the far rockaway (A) line....


True, but I believe he was referring to the Longest 'IRT' route; hence, this thread was started in the IRT forum:rolleyes:


Yeah, I believe the (2) is the longest running route; Some 28+ miles from Wakefield to Flatbush.

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no it doesnt really matter.

sorry that i didnt mention that earlier.

but i mean in the whole nyc transit system or IRT line u refer to.

but i just want opinions, like i mention earlier doesnt matter weather its the whole nyc transit system or IRT lines.

Then its the (A) for sure.

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The (A) is most certainly the longest line in the system... trust me, I rode it all the way to Far Rock. and back pressing a camcorder against the front of an R38... my hand was messed up for weeks, but it was worth it.


Was a really a camcorder pressed up against the front of the R38, or is that what you call your little comrade?

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The (A) has the longest track length, and the (2) has the longest trip length.


That's right. For time, it's the (2); for distance, it's the (A).


Even though the (A) is longer, it takes less time to complete its route because a large portion of it runs express in Manhattan, and there's a long distance between the stops out in Queens like Broad Channel and Howard Beach. The (2) easily gets held up when running local in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

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