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Attending School while @ transit


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Distance learning courses would work if those kinds of classes work for you personally. I know a guy who became a continental airlines pilot while getting a degree in aerospace engineering, he now works for boeing...


- Andy

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I know this is an old post but.....Seniority prevails. If rookie then you will be left with crumbs. Meaning you will get only nights, and for a really long time also working weekends. I too was in school when i started mta but had to quit school because all i could get were late evening hours. School was from 6-9 and weekends all day. I would transfer to day school if i were you or see your union rep and ask for change of assignments for those days you are in school, if school is 2 days a week this might be doable. Remember as a rookie union might not look to favorably on you for asking this so soon on the job, but remind them it is just for 2 semesters....

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