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R62A 1716, 2067 with New Rollsigns

'89 Liberty MCI

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I saw 1716 and 2067 on the (7) today with new rollsigns. I know 1716 was a single car, and 2067 I think was just part of a 5-car set on the same train (it could have been a single unit from another train, but I think I only observed that one train).


The new rollsigns say the same thing as the old ones, but now the letters are larger and "Main Street-Flushing, Queens" and "Times Square, Manhattan" are each on just one line of text. Also the dash in Main Street-Flushing may actually be comma now, and 1716 might have just said "Main Street, Flushing" without the "Queens" part.

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1716 is in a set with 1716-1720, and 2067 is a single car. There are several R62As with that rollsign format (2465 comes to mind-- I remember that had that single line roll for over 10 years.)


There are several cars that don't mention "Queens" with Main Street, Flushing. IIRC, 1666 is one of them.

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