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MTH Announces R-11s! Re-Issues R40s and BMT Standards

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I just got word that MTH is making the R-11/34 in O-Scale and it will be built in both Sliver with blue doors and without blue doors. Not sure on what line it will be produced on. Most likely Franklin(S).


Note to Brighton Zach: If they make it (S) you better get a set!

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Yes its true! MTH will be producing the R-11 set for the O Gauge Subway Collectors. This set will be within the Premier Line, meaning their longer cars than the smaller Railking Version. These cars require a minimum of an 0-42 to an 0-45 Curve radius to operate around curve sections of track.


This particular set seems to be signed up as the " 1 " Train to Brighton Beach. Its dated as if it were the 60's before the BMT and IND joined forces. These were the days when the all lettered trains were numbers. Im guessing this is the " 1 " Train that ran between Astoria and Brighton Beach; hence, the Brighton Line was indicated by the number 1.


This set apparently is being produced in 2 different paint schemes:

Silver with Blue Doors, and just Silver









MTH is so behind on the R40 Slants, that they're actually re-issuing the same set from the 2007 catalog in the Volume 2 2008 Catalog.


The BMT Standards; 2500 Series are being re-issued as well. These sets have been shipped and are now within the O Gauge Subway market flow for over 2 months now






Any Questions, please ask. I do not own the BMT Standard set YET:cool:, however, all in good time.




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