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Which NJ Transit Bus Route Is Better?

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Between Jersey City (Journal Square Transportation Center)/Newark (Penn Station) and Tom's River, which NJ Transit bus is better: the (NJT) #67 (has more options, but is like a local and stops in both Freehold Borough and Freehold Township) or the (NJT) #319 (has less options, but is like an express)? Are the buses similiar on both routes?

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The 319 hands down. It's express right to Toms River from Newark/Jersey City.


The 67 is a really long route, just about 3 hours one way on it's regular route. Hell, I've ridden the 67 from Old Bridge to Toms River which was about 2 hours and it was not an exciting ride (had no choice from where I was coming from and needed to get to TR).

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I see that. The (NJT) #319 has more options from PABT. From the Journal Square Transportion Center there is only the 9:15am and 4:11pm Weekdays and 9:15am Weekends (9:42am and 4:48pm; 9:42am from Penn Station).


Weekdays, the 5:25am and Weekends, the 5:35am from Tom's River is the only one that stops at Penn Station and the Journal Square Transportation Center.


I see that the 319 uses the Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway while the 67 uses Highway 9 (U.S. 9).

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Thank you B35 via Church. Nice to read both (NJT) #67 and #319 both use MCI's. Have you tried both routes?

no prob.


to answer your question:


I haven't been on the 67 local, but I have been on the 67x once (from JSQ to Toms River)....

I've taken the 319 on 3 separate occasions (from AC to NYC, NYC to AC, and from Toms River to AC)....

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I driven 5 legs of the 319 before:


- NY to AC Express via Toms River (loved it on Sundays - 4 hour break B))

- NY to Cape May Express via Ocean City, Wildwood, AC, and Toms River

- NY to Wildwood Express via Atlantic City and Toms River (No Ocean City)

- NY to Cape May Local via AC, TR, OC, Avalon, Stone Harbor, and Wildwood.

- JC to Atlantic City Express via Toms River

(Hated this leg. Some very snobby NJT office employees rides this bus in the PA going to Toms River - they DEMAND quiet. Jerks.)


There are, on Summer Holidays, trips that heads Express to Wildwood. No AC or TR. Summer time, there are more local and semi-express trips to Cape May. What I mean by Semi-Express is the trip only goes on Ocean City, Wildwood, North Wildwood, and Cape May, bypassing Avalon and Stone Harbor.


Yet, I have to agree with 553 Bridgeton. The JC/NWK leg to AC and TR express is very limited. People are better off trying to get the bus at PABT, especially if they want to get to Toms River quickly via the 137X, or the 319, whichever is available.

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