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Daimler/BAE to upgrade HydriDrive

East New York

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Daimler Buses North America Continues Hybrid Bus Leadership with Release of New Power Configuration for 2010


Daimler Buses North America is excited to announce the next leap in diesel-electric hybrid bus technology with the release of an improved driveline configuration in 2010, and the electrification of accessories for deliveries in 2011.

Daimler, together with BAE Systems, pioneered the transit bus hybrid market beginning in the late 1990s where today Daimler is the world’s leading hybrid bus producer with the most units in service and on order.

The hybrid bus has continually been optimized with the most recent development being a new lithium-ion energy storage system. This new energy storage system is lighter and more efficient which improves vehicle fuel economy. Lithium-ion also lasts longer compared to leading alternatives used today.

Daimler is not stopping there. In conjunction with BAE Systems, Daimler will release in 2010, commensurate with the new emissions compliant engines, a redesigned powertrain configuration. The engine, generator and electric motor will be arranged in a conventional in-line (or T-drive) configuration to provide improved access in the engine compartment and consistency of installation with a standard diesel configuration. The hybrid system will be further optimized to provide more power for vehicle speed and accessories.

The project will also address electrification of accessories that are operated mechanically or hydraulically in the current system. Items such as the starter, air conditioning compressor, air compressor among other components are being assessed for possible operation via the hybrid electric system. “Given the amount of available electric power through the hybrid system it is logical to optimize the operation of the various accessory components to provide continued operational savings for our customers” outlined Karl-Ludwig Mueller executive vice president of engineering at Daimler Buses North America.

“We are interested in continuing to optimize the hybrid bus and its components for the benefit of our customers”, said Andreas Strecker president and CEO of Daimler Buses North America. “This next technology leap will continue to place Daimler at the forefront of technological advancements in the hybrid bus market in North America.

Daimler Buses North America will showcase these advancements at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) EXPO scheduled in San Diego in October, 2008.

The Orion VII hybrid in line system is scheduled for market release in 2010 underscores the commitment of Daimler Buses to provide cleaner, smarter transit solutions. Daimler Buses is the world’s leader in hybrid buses with over 1,300 diesel-electric hybrids in operation throughout North America and over 1,500 on order.


Hopefully they add a little more power to the buses, so they can handle hills better.

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