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News: Gate Free E-ZPass on the Henry Hudson Reducing Travel Time

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No traffic queues; no getting stuck behind someone in an E-ZPass lane, in short, no delays. The first month of gateless E-ZPass operations at the Henry Hudson Bridge has successfully reduced E-ZPass travel times and kept traffic moving.


MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara says that in its first month of gateless operations, average travel time during peak morning hours is significantly reduced and E-ZPass interventions have been eliminated. "This is good news for our customers and a terrific start for this pilot project where the overall goal is to collect tolls more efficiently and improve traffic flow," Ferrara said.


The first phase of the pilot program to test all-electronic tolling at the Henry Hudson Bridge began on Jan. 20th when gate arms were removed from E-ZPass lanes. By early 2012, cash will be entirely eliminated from the toll plaza, and Henry Hudson will become one of the first urban all-electronic tolling (cashless) bridges in the nation. Under cashless operations, drivers who go through the toll plaza without an E-ZPass will receive mailed invoices based on license plate images.


In the first month since gate arms were removed, peak morning travel time from Kappock Street to the toll plaza heading into Manhattan was reduced from a 2010 average with gates of 2:03 seconds to about 50 seconds without gates.


Read more: http://www.mta.info/news/stories/?story=193

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