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More & More Artic Stuff!

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I wish we still had ours....


Great shots!


Thanks alot! I think I recall seeing some pics of their old Neo artics a few years ago, I like their (DART) paint scheme for some reason, its eye catching to me...didnt they have some Regular Neoplan High Floors too? (AN440) or maybe thats another TA i'm thinking about.

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Yeah we had Flexible's, Neo AN440 and AN460's, NovaBus RTS-06's, and MCI's doing Express work. The MCI's were in smallest in the fleet, then it was the Flexible's, Artics, then the Novabus', and the AN440 we had the most of, and the last of them that we let go when we started to go to the newer Novabus RTS and NABI's.

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Right now, from the outside they are looking immaculate. I was hoping to catch one yesterday, but I was unlucky. From what I can catch on the inside, they look very nice. I will get on an express route one day and get some stuff for you guys. Also, a lot of the time, they are using them as you said, in the suburbs doing the regular suburban routes.

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