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R68's on the Bravo here they come!!

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Let me respond to these rumors.


1: How on earth can the R68s and R68As can be retired when they are 19-22 years old. The R68s and R68As are the workhorses on the B Division. They both have MDBF above 306,000 miles. They both have gained a record of high reliablity over the last few years.


2: The R68s and R68As may not be like the new tech cars, but the R68s and R68As use Adtranz E-Cam Propulsion Controllers that have computer logic boxes. This propulsion system series has a proven record of being reliable.


3. A few years ago, the R68s 2500, 2501, 2502, and 2503 (2500-2501-2503-2502) and a few of other R68s were tested with CBTC as a part of a test to see if Adtranz E-Cam Controllers can function with CBTC. The General Electric SCM Propulsion Controllers (used on R62s and others) were also tested with CBTC.


4. The R62s and R62As are also very young. They are between 21-25 years old. The R62s were A Division leaders in MDBF for many years after being introduced. Although the R62 is no longer on top of the B Division, they still score decent MDBF. The R62As may not be like the R142s or R142As, but these cars have decent MDBF numbers. The R62As use Adtranz E-Cam Propulsion Controllers, just like the R68s and R68As and are performing well.


5. All the R62s, R62As, R68s and R68As need is SMS, which they have been getting since these cars first entered revenue service. SMS can keep them in good shape and have them stay in service longer.

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1. The R62, 62A, 68, and 68A ain't going no where. MTA won't retire cars that only have done half of their life-time of work. Just because MTA says they want full CBTC doesn't mean they will retire these cars. Do not take anything you hear from MTA word for word, just to have something to gripe about. MTA doesn't have to money to replace well built subway workhorses. These cars are going nowhere soon. When they replace those cars, I will be going through mid-life crisis at that time.


2. The R142, R142A, R143, R160A, and R160B, all do get flat wheels during wet leaf season. Their isn't too much T/Os can do about it. How much pressure (air) you give the train, is replaced by the position you put the controller in, and what the CPU feels it should do. CPU says: wheel still slipping, lock up now. That = flats.

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so basically the new trains are basically destroying themselves...


yea real nice on the MTA's part to make trains that kill themselves



They are just like new cars. Designed to make the manufacturer money for years to come after the purchase.

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Yes, error, the (MTA) makes trains. Of course.


And trains aren't suicidal...don't know where the hell you got that from...flat brakes...big deal! Sicne everybody knows that only the NEW JUNK160B cars (helping trainfan22 out with the subtle insults) get flat wheels!


You guys are acting like the carbodies are coming apart.


BTW all cars, if not all THINGS come with warranties.

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