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Bco - Sbco - Pbco


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Upon searching the internet and finding a 7-year old nycsubway.org Subtalk thread, I found that BCO= Brake Cut Out, SBCO = Service Brake Cut Out, PBCO = Parking Brake Cut Out. These are used for when there's an emergency and the brakes fail for some reason: PBCO is for when the spring-applied parking brake remains activated on its own (when it shouldn't be) due to a loss of air.


SBCO is for when the electronic brake package fails. Cuts off all air to cylinders and vents them if a brake pipe is ruptured.


BCO cuts off both, I guess it performs both functions. http://talk.nycsubway.org/perl/read?subtalk=219390

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Cool thanks for the response. if I remember correctly it looks like they were behind a lock box.


You better believe that box is locked..


You think they want somebody not qualified messing around with the brakes on a train?:cool:

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