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nyc subway car equipment review

3rd Avenue El

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okay this thread is a discussion thread only. in this thread we will discuss the equipment used on the nyc subway system over the last century. we will begin with the first cars used on the original irt to the now shining cars of the b -division. if you have seen the other thread of commuter rail car equipment review then you know the rules. you may post pics of the car that is featured in the discussion. you may post pictures of rolling stock only for the use of comparing and contrasting. here is how you start a discussion of a new car:


car type: r38

typical train consist: (#of cars in typical train)

train setup: (where they set up like the redbirds married pair or single cars)

lines used on: (lines where r38's served)

debut year: (year brought into service)

built buy: (company who built the cars)

max speed: (the name is elf explanatory)

car specs: (length width height)

the above is just an example we will begin with the first car ever to run the subway the COMPOSITE a/b cars


car type: composite

typical train consist: 5 cars

train setup: single car

lines used on: original irt line harlem to city hall

debut year: 1904

built buy:

max speed:

car specs: width approx 9'ft length 50'ft height


would anybody like to start the discussion on the composite cars? the table is open for discussion :P:)

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