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Questions about hudson County Bus Service


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I used to live in Jersey City for a short while and i remember the extensive and confusing bus network it had at the time i know things have changed. so i have a few questions....



Does the 440 Shopper still exist and if it does is it still serve the Marion area and Duncan Avenue? What is its actual route?


I know Bergen Ave bus shut down recently and A&C is supposed to take over if they haven't already... does anyone know how that is being handled. Have they just continued the route's same schedule and use Bergen's buses?


I remember Red & Tan (Greenville & Lafayette) having a few routes that seem to have been all eliminated by coach usa. I think the 10 and 99S still exist.

Does route 4 still operate? i remember reading something about it being cancelled by Coach USA. yet i remember it being pretty crowded.


Along with the 4, Route 16 was pretty well patronized from what i remember. But i know it was eliminated. Is there still a need for a route like the 16?



I'm aware that the 981 and 305 have been eliminated but is there any routes in there place?

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yea the 440 still runs A&C runs bergen gets runned well and it runs a schedule 6:30am to 10:30pm 4 still operates and 10 and 99s still runs no there isnt the 99 and 231 and 3 was eliminated the 6 and 6l covers the 3 and alil of the 231 while the 10 that runs to nyc covers the rest of the 231 in the heights and the last 2 not sure on that and the 5/6 the 126 covers but as limited

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The 440 Shopper still operates and still runs the same route.


Montgomery/Westside IBOA runs whatever extra buses they have available on the Bergen line.


The 4 still operates cause I use it to get home everyday.


The 16 could very much be needed. It was a great alternative to get downtown from the Lafayette area and it was greatly patronized to Journal Square. NJT made a split off of the 6, the 6L which runs in the Lafayette area to get people to the Square, something R&T put in the dark.


The 305 has been replaced by a shuttle that runs during the weekends in summer. Who it is operated by I'm not too sure, but the service was set up by NJT.


The people at Port Liberte set up their own service after the 981 was eliminated.

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At its' peak, Jersey City was served by Public Service which became Transport Of New Jersey (now NJ Transit) plus Bergen Avenue IBOA, Central Avenue IBOA, Downtown Bus Company, Lafayette And Greenville, Montgomery And West Side, North Boulevard Transportation Company/Red And Tan. and South Boulevard Bus Owners Association/Drogin.

The Central Avenue once provided service on Baldwin Avenue and Princeton Avenue and a Liberty Avenue branch between Manhattan Avenue and Hague Street. Once there was service on Brunswick Street, Grove/Erie Streets and Jersey Avenue/Henderson Street. Central Avenue IBOA was headquartered at 297 Communipaw Avenue near Pacific Avenue. Downtown Bus Company was at 1 Oxford Avenue at Sackett Street. Lafayette And Greenville was at 119 Merritt Street and 44 State Street.

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thanks for the info guys! I didnt even know about all there other companies. Jersey City had a complex bus system. I wish there were maps from the IBOA days. There's really only two IBOA left in JC.

Glad the 440 still operates.... A&C has a great little system. They can only improve Bergen Avenue.

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