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Photos from today 5/9/08


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and here's a tiny train performer:



Videos of R68A B trains and other stuff coming as soon as i figure out how to upload them on youtube (for some reason youtube doesn't seem to be accepting them)

that is all, enjoy your day !

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Nice pics... that R160 looks a little dirty, doesn't it?


It was practically pouring yesterday...it was rain on that R160A. I mistook it for dirt at first too.


Great photos error btw!

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thanks everyone!


and finally got the videos to work:



this FIND found a pretty nice place to get stuck at...

the thing was stuck at Downtown N entering Canal Street, but as you can (barely) hear the announcements the train was uptown entering 14th Union Square so i can probably assume the thing's been stuck all day..



The wonderful R40 Slant B train is leaving 7th Avenue



R68A B train leaving W4 as seen from the F Train


that is all, enjoy your day !

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I love the new signs in the new trains that is really nice. Is it one big LCD screen? The audible voice, albeit low, is a very nice thing to have, especially for those not familiar with the system (i.e. me).


The third video of your train racing the R68A out of the station is neat.

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